Jade Mountain Travel Journal

Day 1

Entering the sanctuary forces an odd silence between Jess and I. This is "home" for the next three days, yet considering what surrounds us we struggle to absorb any of it as real. The only confirmation is Jess by my side, though her broad smile forces a double take.


Eventually head to the Jade Club, a dining option perched on the top floor of the resort. No surprise, it features an open-air seating area like our sanctuary, the Pitons ever-present. Mahi Mahi and Kingfish are outstanding, rivaled in flavor only by the accompanying vegetables. Waiter informs me that the culinary staff works with local farmers to secure them. Also, Jade grows their own vegetables at Anse Mamin Plantation, part of the Anse Chastanet's 600-acre estate.

Dining entails a flat meal rate (includes appetizers and dessert) all part of our stay's "MAP" package price option, which covers breakfast and dinner throughout our stay.

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Day 2

We post our room service order (fill out order form, place in bag, hang bag outside door and press wall-mounted room service button), then devour our breakfast moments after it arrives shortly thereafter. Farm fresh eggs, hand picked fruit, fresh-squeezed orange juice – delicious, and only made better by the early sunlight against the Pitons.


Hit the beach, snorkel (complimentary gear for all Jade guests) and see dozens of needlefish, trumpet fish and barracuda. Have lunch at Beach Grill located, and enjoy a Piton beer and a Pina Coloda as the pinch-me fest continues.

Returning to our sanctuary requires a modest uphill walk. It gives way to what becomes our most treasured moment of the trip: Entering our sanctuary, closing its door and – without missing a stride – shedding clothes and marching straight into the infinity pool.

Go to Anse Chastenet's Treehouse restaurant for dinner, located just below Jade Mountain, nestled in the treetops over the beach. Again, the fish is outstanding, though that's become expected. It's the locally grown peppers and tomatoes whose flavors continue to surprise.

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Day 3

Snorkel over to Anse Mitam, an adjoining beach a 1/2 mile north of the resort, reachable by path, boat or swimming. We round the corner to what seems a private beach to ourselves. Hammocks strung from palms, a few beach chairs set on groomed sand, a beach shack bar that's virtually empty. Eat our best burger yet thanks to Johnny Cakes bun and deliciously seasoned meat.

Have dinner on the beach at Aspara, another Jade offering, though it features Indian-influenced cuisine. It's the only dining option at Jade that requires reservation. That said (as with all the dining ops at Jade) their meals are included with package plan.


We climb stairs from the beach with weary legs and full stomachs. Opt for a mid-climb intermission at Treehouse bar. Dance with newfound friends, sing with the local band and work up a sweat dancing. Make our final push uphill to our sanctuary, strip and stride into the pool. We're going to miss this.

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