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Keep Your Shoes Extra Safe With These Travel Bags

Don’t let wet clothes or mishandled bags hurt your favorite footwear.

It's unlikely that your go-to travel shoes are the same pair you'll feel comfortable wearing out on the town. And if you're packing an extra pair of shoes (or two), you can help keep them fresh and clean, and separate from the rest of what you packed, with some handy travel bags that are designed for that purpose.

A bag for Every Shoe

Shoes don't come in one standard shape or size, so it's important to have options depending on what you're planning on bringing with you. If you're looking for a set of travel shoe bags, make sure they come in a few different sizes, so they'll be able to accommodate everything from a low-top sneaker to a high-heeled stiletto. Check to see that the bags will stay closed and secure, and are tough enough to put up with all the traveling.


Quick and Convenient

If your goal is simply to keep your shoes looking new and you don't want to break your bank in the process, there are some affordable optionsout there. A basic draw-string bag will keep your footwear from getting scuffed and scraped in your luggage. If you're traveling with a few pairs, look for a bag that has a transparent window, so you can quickly find the pair you're looking for without having to unpack your whole back in the process.


Keep the Smell at Bay

Sometimes the concern is less about keeping the shoes in pristine condition and more about keeping the rest of your clothes from smelling like, well, shoes. If you're not into the idea of buying yet another bag to worry about whenever you're packing, a basic deodorizer can do wonders for keeping your footwear from infecting everything else in your suitcase. When shopping, you'll want to make sure you find something that you can be used multiple times, so you'll always show up to your destination with clothes smelling as fresh as when they were packed.