Key Largo What is known for

December 5, 2006


In June, 2002, the Spiegel Grove, a landing ship almost the length of two football fields, became the newest – and most spectacular – artificial reef off Key Largo. The ship, already home to large schools of fish, rests on the bottom 6 miles offshore in 130 feet of water and joins the Duane and the Bibb, a pair of Coast Guard cutters purposely sunk in 1987. Experienced wreck divers can explore the interior of the Spiegel Grove, but even snorkelers can peer down at the eerie outlines of the hull and decks about 50 feet below.


Key Largo guides like to brag that about 1 of every 10 saltwater and flyfishing record fish have been landed here. While the sailfish and marlin offshore may be the most prized catches, savvy fishermen know that the real challenges here are the bonefish (along the flats) and the tarpon in the backcountry waters of Florida Bay.


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