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Kids Luggage For Every Budget

Traveling with children has never been easier with these fun, kid-friendly luggage options.

As adventurous parents are now, more than ever, having their children join them on globe-trotting travel destinations; it's becoming commonplace to see kids toting their own luggage through airports. Aside from learning to responsibly pack for trips at an early age, there are few things kids love more than feeling "grown up" by emulating adults.


But with so many styles and price points out there, here are some tips for finding the right option for your child.

Plenty of pocket room

A soft polyester duffel bag can an affordable, versatile option – and as an added bonus, many models come with wheels, retractable handles, and of course, plenty of pockets. Another advantage to this type of bag is that a child can take it with them to their teen years and beyond.


Kid-tested durability

Although on the pricier side, a plastic, hard-shelled luggage set can take whatever your kid (or airline's baggage handlers) can throw at it. In addition to durability, these sets tend to be lightweight and a breeze when it comes to mobility, with adjustable telescopic rods and 360 degree rolling caster wheels.


Eye-catching colors and designs

Of course, "fun" is a major component in any product geared towards children. Thankfully, with countless designs out there that appeal to a kid's individual personality, surely there's something out there that will help instill the travel bug in your little one.