Make Room for a Sleep Machine in Your Luggage

Need to sleep in a strange, and perhaps loud, place? Bring a white noise machine!

It can be tough to sleep when you travel. You’re in an unfamiliar, if exciting, place, in an environment you’re not used to. White noise, which is noise that contains many frequencies at equal intensities, can give you a wave to ride into sleep. So what should you look for in your travel sleep machine?

White Noise for All Ages

MyBaby Soundspa
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Size and weight should be your starting point, and not just to save you from having to check your carry-on. Lighter machines will be easier to use and to put out of the way when not needed, tucked into a nightstand or hung up on a coat hook. Especially in hotel rooms and rentals where space is at a premium, being able to tuck it away when you don't need it will be helpful.

Different Noises for Different Sleepers

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Sound selection is important in choosing a sleep machine. There are many different kinds of white noise, from babbling brooks to the patter of rain, and some may be better suited to help you tune out different unwanted noises, like, say, the party in the next room. Ask yourself if you prefer one type of sound, or if you'd rather have a variety to listen to as you drift off, and shop accordingly.

Time to Rise and Shine

Marpac Hushh
Marpac Hushh Portable White Noise Machine.Amazon

A timer will be handy as well. Portable machines are usually battery-operated or charged via USB, and you likely don't want to go find some batteries when you'd rather be sleeping. Check for timers that have different lengths, especially if you'll be sharing a room with somebody. Being able to time it will ensure everybody gets enough shuteye.