Just 17 Really Stunning Photos of the Maldives

Let's take a 5-minute vacation, shall we? Spoiler alert: it includes overwater bungalows. Start planning your trip now with our 5 must-dos in the Maldives.

Now this is what we call a room with a view.Shutterstock
You know a destination is a winner when you actually look forward to the plane ride.Shutterstock
With a view this good, we don't even care about the wifi password.Shutterstock
Solitude lives here.Shutterstock
Your place or mine?Shutterstock
Proof you'll want a window seat.Shutterstock
Purple sunsets? Only in the Maldives.Shutterstock
No filter needed.Shutterstock
Polka dots of perfection.Shutterstock
Oh hey, perfect little island.Shutterstock
Run, don't walk, to the nearest bungalow.Shutterstock
Blue has never looked so good.Shutterstock
Okay fine, we'll stay here if we have to.Shutterstock
See that little spot of sand? It's got your name on it.Shutterstock
Why pick one island when you can have them all?Shutterstock
This is what dreams are made of, folks.Visit Maldives
This could be your last view before bed.Shutterstock