Mallorca: Blessed Sojourn

August 7, 2008

Move your limbs, breathe fresh air and discover the satisfaction of a journey well traveled on Mallorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean. Adventure Center’s eight-day Tramuntana Traverse introduces you — and your feet — to the eponymous mountain range whose formidable peak-andgorge geography defines Mallorca’s northern coast. Although hiking’s the mainstay, this tour starts on a train built in 1912 to tote citrus. Now charming in its tottering old age, the train makes a tremulous haul north from the town of Palma de Mallorca through lemon groves and pastures of sheep and goats to Port de Sollér. Then the (one-level-above-a-cakewalk) hiking commences. You’ll pass farmlands and orchards, dally along lakes and find yourself privy to rich sea views. Spend two of your nights in the Lluc Monastery, still a site of pilgrimage though no longer operational. The austere trappings, coupled with a schoolboys’ choir that’s based here, impart a feeling that’s decidedly sacred.

Rate Information

  • Rates from $760, include accommodations, breakfast, and luggage transport.

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