Top 7 Most Remote Beaches in the Caribbean

Editor’s Note: Some of the information below may be out-of-date. Anguilla, Barbuda, St. Barth, St. Maarten/St. Martin and the U.S. Virgin Islands were heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma. Please visit for updates.

Craving footprint-free sand and uninterrupted dozing to the sound of waves? Look to these remote beaches.

Barbuda Low Bay : You'll have the run of this 17-mile-long pink-sand refuge - it's home to just a single property, Lighthouse Bay Resort.Zach Stovall
Montserrat Rendezvous Bay : The sign says "Nature Trail," but make no mistake: The journey up and down to reach this spot is tough sledding - but we'd take the trek again in a heartbeat.Shutterstock
Grenada Anse La Roche : Brave Carriacou's steep, rock-strewn trail to reach this spot. The reward: an empty sweep of sand hemmed by forested cliffs.Jon Whittle
St. John Salomon Bay : Hiking-only access tends to discourage crowds. Start at the National Park Visitors Center near Cruz bay; from there, it's an easy walk down Lind Point Trail, stopping to admire the view along the way.Shutterstock
St. Martin Happy Bay : You may be tempted to park your chair at Friar's Bay, but keep going: in 10 minutes, you'll find yourself surrounded by very few people.Shutterstock
Anguilla Little Bay : A beach that offers adrenaline-fueled access: Climb down the cliff via a questionably sturdy rope. A more sensible option is to take the boat that leaves from Crocus Bay.Getty Images
St. Barth Colombier Beach : It's worth every sweaty step to reach this spectacular cove that's a favorite of sea turtles, who feed in the sea grass that sways in the calm azure water.Alamy; Tan Yilmaz