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Must-Have Biking Gear

Add a two-wheel adventure to your island vacation by packing these biking necessities.

Bicycles are an advantageous mode of transportation for an island vacation because they're cheaper to rent than cars or ATVs, and they allow you to get some exercise while you explore. Many islands promote bicycles for their sustainability, affordability and reliability, and they even encourage visitors to choose this environmentally-friendly option by offering bike trails for sightseeing and excitement.

The most devout cyclists aren't afraid to pack their bicycles and ship them halfway around the world for the sake of comfort and familiarity on a new trail or course. However, most of us are fine just renting a beach cruiser or mountain bike to cut down on luggage. Still, there are cycling necessities that will make the adventures safe and successful, and they will fit easily into your luggage.

While a flexible silicon phone mount might be the ultimate space saver in your luggage, you don't want to risk a bump and a snap sending your phone flying. The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is durable enough for use on motorcycles, which means extra peace of mind for cyclists who need their smart devices for GPS, music and general safety.

Wallfire Bike Phone Mount Bag
The phone slot fits most iPhone and Samsung models. | Amazon

Kill two birds with one stone by eliminating a backpack or hip bag, and combining your basic storage needs with a handlebar phone mount. Using three Velcro straps, the Wallfire Bike Phone Mount Bag fits handlebars with ease and displays your device's screen through a waterproof shield. The storage area can fit essentials like a charger, wallet and keys, so long as you're not a medieval dungeon master.

Selbst Waterproof Tail Bag
This durable waterproof bag can come in handy in the event of a flat tire. | Amazon

If your preference is to keep your phone out of view while you're riding, it will tuck nicely into the Selbst Waterproof Tail Bag, in addition to your keys, a spare tube, bike tool or anything else that's small and essential. Installation is quick and simple, and the material is durable and includes a reflective strip.

Spotti Cycling Jersey
The fabric is durable and the bright colors are perfect for visibility. | Amazon

The lightweight Spotti Cycling Jersey is comfortable enough to wear on and off the bicycle, so you won't have to worry about bringing a change of clothes on a ride to the beach. As an added bonus, there are three pockets on the back of the shirt, and they're large enough to fit snacks, your phone and wallet and repair items, like a tube and pump.

Cycorld Baggy Biking Shorts
The Cycorld baggy shorts are perfect for cycling, as well as running, fishing and just hanging out on the beach. | Amazon

The drawback of traditional bike shorts is that they're not exactly the perfect style for any occasion. Cycorld's Men's Baggy Biking Shorts are designed not only to provide comfort in a variety of athletic activities, but they also double as traditional shorts that will attract less attention. Deep pockets with waterproof zippers will keep phones and wallets safe as well. Women's biking shorts are also available.

LED Bike lights
These LED lights feature three lighting modes: steady and fast and slow strobe. | Amazon

Available in packs of two or four, the Lighting Ever LED Bike Lights are perfect for everything from long-distance bike rides to walking your dogs. Compact and lightweight, they take up very little space in your luggage, and they conveniently clip on to bags, pockets and bikes.

HiVisible Reflective Vest
Motorists won't miss the reflective glow of this safety vest. | Amazon

Safety first! That's the theme here. Especially when you're on unfamiliar roads or trails and riding at night. The HiVisible Reflective Vest is lightweight enough that you won't even feel it, and it comes with four reflective arm bands for ultimate security.

Nice Win Padded Cycling Gloves
Nice Win's cycling gloves feature microfiber on the thumb and forefinger for using smart devices without removing them. | Amazon

Gloves are necessary bike gear for several reasons, especially when you're in a tropical location and need to keep your hands dry. The Nice Win Padded Cycling Gloves are constructed from suede and spandex, and they'll keep your palms comfortable on bumpy roads.

Crank Brothers Bike Tool
At just 3.5-inches long, you can pop this bike tool right into your bike's saddle bag. | Amazon

You know your bicycle like the back of your hand. But a bike from a rental shop? You're going to want to bring a bike tool with you, and the Crank Brothers Bike Tool is compact and still features 17 different tools that will help with everything from adjusting the handlebars to repairing the disc brake rotors.

Miracol Hydration Backpack
In addition to a two-liter bladder, this bag features small pockets for everyday gear. | Amazon

Lightweight and durable, the Miracol Hydration Backpack has adjustable shoulder and chest straps that allow riders to find comfort before heading out on a trail. This bag can carry two-liters of water and keep it cold for up to four hours.