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Beach Gear Fit For Superheroes

From towels to flip flops, here’s how you can make every day National Superhero Day.

Between the release of Avengers: Endgame and National Superhero Day on April 28, this weekend is action-packed for comic book fans. It's also a perfect weekend to take a beach trip or embark on a comic book-themed island vacation, so we've selected some superhero beach gear for kids and parents alike.

This gear is affordable and easy to pack, but more importantly it'll let everyone else at the beach or pool know that you're the most loyal Avenger of them all.

Marvel Avengers Super Soft & Absorbent Kids Hooded Bath/Pool/Beach Towel

Keep your little ones warm and dry after they exit the water with this cool Marvel Avengers hooded towel that features some of the company's most popular characters.

Superman Logo Beach Towel

Not all superheroes wear capes, but they do need towels at the beach, so this old school Superman logo beach towel serves both purposes.

Marvel Spider-Man Colossal Jumbo Beach Ball

Ordinary people use a regular beach ball. Superheroes use a colossal jumbo beach ball when they're playing at the beach.

Sun-Staches Wonder Woman Sunglasses

Sunglasses are important for protecting our eyes, but we also like when they look good. Same goes for any little superheroes who want to steal the spotlight like Wonder Woman did in Justice League. These Sun-Staches Wonder Woman sunglassesare simply too cool.


Havaianas Kids DC Flip Flops

The only drawback to the awesome selection of Havaianas Kids DC Flip Flopsis that your child will want them all — and probably never want to wear regular shoes again.

Batman Men's City Print Flip Flops

Don't worry, parents. There are adult-sized Batman flip flops, too.

CONHENCI Batman Swim Floaties

For the little ones who aren't quite ready for the ocean, swim floaties are a must-have in the pool. CONHENCI's Batman Swim Floatiesare as cool as they come.

Marvel Avengers Boys' Iron Man Swimsuit

The intensity of the summer sun requires extra attention for delicate skin, but Iron Man's armor would be a tad excessive. Consider this boys' Iron Man swimsuita better alternative to clunky metal or nanobyte technology.


Dreamwave Girls' Captain Marvel Swimsuit

Captain Marvel is the breakout hero of 2019, so this girls' Captain Marvel swimsuitis sure to be a hit at the beach or any summer pool parties.

Marvel Kids Captain America Swim Bag

With great power comes a great need to keep all of your child's superhero gear organized. This Captain America swim bagfeatures Steve Rogers' classic shield emblazoned on a main compartment for a towel, swimsuit and flip flops, in addition to two side pockets for whatever other gadgets your little heroes require.


Bumkins DC Comics Wonder Woman Waterproof Wet Bag

The vintage look of this Wonder Woman waterproof wet bag makes it perfect for comic book fans of all ages.

Marvel Captain America Moreno 3-Bottle Wine and Cheese Tote

Who says kids have all the fun? If Nick Fury orders you to head out on an adults-only vacation, then you can still flash your loyalty to Cap with this Moreno 3-Bottle Wine and Cheese Tote.