No. 1 Money Saving Tip for Atlantis

Atlantis resort
Lori Barbely

“Free" is a rare modifier at Atlantis. So when my friend boasted of a hotel that offered free breakfasts, free Internet, and free entry to Atlantis, I knew a kicker was closing fast.

"The hotel isn’t on the property," she admitted. Yep, I knew there was a catch. "It’s right there," she said.

She pointed to a pink building just down the driveway from Atlantis’ Coral Reef Towers. Between me and it, a sidewalk. No major intersections.

“The hotel isn’t advertised on the Atlantis website,” she beamed. “You know, because it’s the Comfort Suites.”


“Trust me. It was just renovated. You have to see it.”

Atlantis photos by Lori Barbely