Palau What is known for

December 5, 2006

Palau airport

Fly through Honolulu and then Guam aboard Continental Airlines to get to Palau’s Koror airport (ROR).

Palau resorts and hotels

Most of Palau’s hotels are on Koror (capital), which is connected to Babledaob — its larger sister island — by a bridge, so visitors have several well-appointed options, while the rest of the archipelago exists in a largely natural state. Stay at the Palau Pacific Resort, an all-inclusive wonder that has relaxed, rattan-filled suites with ocean views, a PADI dive center, kayaks, snorkel equipment and tennis courts. For a slightly quainter option, Carolines Resort has seven wooden bungalows and a hip boutique where you can grab a few trinkets to take home.

Palau guides and tours

Tour the many lakes of this exotic South Pacific island chain with Boundless Journeys’ 10-day Oceania Odyssey, a comprehensive guided exploration of Palau’s glass-topped treasures, including Lost Lake, Long Lake, Tarzan Lake and Jellyfish Lake. Spearheaded by Sam Scott from Washington state, Sam’s Tours focuses on dive training but also provides topside trips around the islands. Trundle along in a four-wheel drive around Babledaob or to Jellyfish Lake, then grab a local Red Rooster beer at the Bottom Time Bar & Grill, part of Sam’s establishment, located on the dock outside of Sam’s Tours. You can also kayak around the bulbous Rock Islands, where Survivor: Palau was filmed, with Planet Blue Kayak Tours, operated out of Sam’s Tours’ shop.


Palau sightseeing spots

The more than 300 islets that make up the Rock Islands in Palau hold the promise of new discoveries in quiet outcroppings, lakes and snorkeling spots. Explore even more by taking an unusual tour around the Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center, which has a giant-clam hatchery (Telephone: 011-488-3322). And make sure to visit the Airai Bai, a renovated ancient meeting house. Hikers can go to Palau’s largest waterfall and highest peak, 713-foot-high Mount Ngerchelchuus, where you can see 70 species of orchids and a variety of wildlife. The adventure in Palau is not just limited to underwater activities, though. You can visit Dolphin Pacific in Koror, a research facility that is committed to studying the special intelligence possessed by dolphins. It provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more about these enchanting sea creatures.

Palau official tourism site

Learn more from the Palau Visitors Authority.


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