Paul Gauguin Cruises: The Team

Jon Whittle, ****Senior Staff Photographer

For almost 15 years, award-winning photographer Jon Whittle has been traveling the globe with a camera in hand. As senior staff photographer for Islands magazine, he has been on assignment in more than 40 countries, photographing everything from penguins in the Falkland Islands to tribal rituals in Vanuatu. When he's not shooting a story, Jon is the lead photographic instructor for the Islands Expeditions workshop series in which participants meet at international destinations to learn the finer points of travel photography. "The best gear is nice to have," Jon says, "but only if you know the best techniques for using it. I love sharing simple tips and tricks I've learned in the field that can make the difference between a snapshot and an amazing image."

Lori Barbely, ****Photo Editor & Staff Photographer

Lori Barbely's eye for detail is a key reason why Islands is known for its photographic excellence. As photo editor for the magazine, she coaches the most accomplished professionals and the most eager amateur shooters alike. "What excites me is helping a picture go from adequate to excellent, with a few tips," she says. "To do that on location is the ultimate." Since joining Islands in 2006, Lori has helped the magazine win numerous awards for visual excellence, doing everything from selecting imagery, shooting and writing to overseeing a redesign, conceiving photo essays and spearheading an Annual Reader Photo Contest. Prior to joining Islands, Lori graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a B.A. in photography and climbed the ranks to deputy photo editor at First for Women magazine.