Photo Contest 2013: Most Unusual Photos

We get thousands of submissions in our ISLANDS Photo Contest, but these weird and wonderful shots made us look more than twice. Enter your best island photo in the 2013 ISLANDS Photo Contest, and check out some of the best photos in the running here: 10 Amazing Reader Photos | Best of the Caribbean...So Far | Best of Hawaii...So Far | Best Beach Photos...So Far

most unusual photos: st lucia by ramona robbins clark
Santa decided to give the reindeer a day off this year. | Ramona Robbins Clark
most unusual photos: tahiti by barbara blaine thomas
The many mysteries of Tahiti... | Barbara Blaine Thomas
most unusual photos: st thomas by joseph meece
Looks like our cruise package has finally arrived. | Joseph Meece
most unusual photos: santorini greece by rhett arens.jpg
Some vacations cost an arm and a leg, but this is getting ridiculous. | Rhett Arens
most unusual photos: isla mujeres by holli ellis
Ironman? Is that you? | Holli Ellis
most unusual photos: bubbles, ireland by autumn wilke.jpg
We only publish photos if they're 100% clean like this one. | Autumn Wilke
most unusual photos: belize by margot cox (she said yes).jpg
Of course she said yes. | Margot Cox
most unusual photos: beaver island, michigan by katie aschim .jpg
Need an island fix? Next time, head to Michigan. | Katie Aschim
most unusual photos: maui, hawaii by sarah
It's not every day you have a mermaid sighting in Maui. | Sarah "Lehia" Apana