10 of Our Favorite Photo Ops

March 11, 2015

We’re doing this return cruise with Sail Windjammer in May 2016 because of the itinerary, the crew and the photo opportunities. We’ll show you how to shoot magazine-worthy pictures like these, no matter what kind of camera you bring. Book now.

Seascapes and Sunsets
1. Sails Up You can only get this kind of epic shot when cruising on a ship like Mandalay. Our photographers will get you in position on a tender and help set up your camera while the ship’s crew hoists the sails and models the boat in just the right spot. What a way to end a day, and to capture it forever. See Cabin Layout.
2. Empty Beach We’ll be all alone on some islands (this is the north end of Carriacou). And that makes for poster-worthy pictures. Jon Whittle will show you how to make the most of a photographer’s dream scene like this in a matter of seconds, and then we sit, snorkel and celebrate. Jon Whittle
3. Ship On Location It’s a money shot, even if you’re using an iPhone. A mid-size classic schooner in a quiet Caribbean bay. We’ll get you to spots just like this one on Union Island. Jon Whittle
4. On Deck “From a comfort standpoint, this is as easy as it gets,” says Jon Whittle. “I shot this while lounging one evening on the top deck of the Mandalay. That’s the beauty of cruising on a classic schooner. No crowds. Peaceful evenings. You look up to the sky and say ‘Wow.'” Jon Whittle
5. Overview of a Small Island The 35 passengers on our first cruise were in awe when we stepped onto the island of Mayreau. Then they watched Jon take this shot. Jaws dropped at his technique. They dropped again later when he showed everyone his shots. Come see how he did it. Book a Cabin. Jon Whittle
6. Island Portraits The essence of island travel is meeting new people and hearing their amazing stories. People like William Bethel, whom we met while he was picking guavas in his backyard on Carriacou. “There’s an easy technique to shooting great portraits, and it doesn’t rely on gear,” says Jon. Oh, and you should see how our new friend William fishes. Jon Whittle
7. Underwater Friends Around the Tobago Cays we’ll snorkel with dozens of sea turtles in their own sanctuary. If you have a waterproof camera, like a GoPro, that’s ideal. If you don’t, the experience is no less amazing. Jon Whittle
8. Lonely Beach Villages One afternoon Jon was walking up a seldom-used trail on Union Island and turned to see this. A beach, a few humble homes, and nothing else. There was a little trick to framing this shot. Jon Whittle
9. Getting To The Shot How many ship captains are willing to lead guests on a hike up a hillside? Captain Sly will, because up here is his favorite view in the entire Caribbean. This picture of him on the trail captures a unique action scene. Meet the Crew. Jon Whittle
Jaw-Dropping Beach
10. Slices of Life Each island has its own personality. Jon and Lori will show you the methods they use to capture those personalities for Islands magazine stories. “We can take anyone’s average shot and make it incredible,” says Jon. No experience required, just open eyes. Got a Question? Jon Whittle
Bonus: Island Models You never know who you’re going to run into. Claim a Spot Before They’re Gone Again. Jon Whittle

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