Photography Tips: Shooting Maui’s Haleakala National Park

November 5, 2010

No trip to Maui is complete without a jaunt to Haleakala National Park. But photographing a mountain at dawn is no easy task. Here photo editor Lori Barbely shares how to capture that iconic spot at its brightest moment.

**Go Early
** Head to the summit an hour or so before the sunrise begins and set up your tripod. Bring a flashlight to prevent any pre-dawn fumbling. Play with some long-exposure shots. You may be lucky enough to capture the last few stars in the night sky. The temperature at the summit varies from below freezing to 65 degrees, so bundle up.
**Make Do
** Didn’t pack a tripod and you want to try a long exposure shot for misty cloudscapes that won’t be a blurry mess? Find a flat rock to place your camera on. Set the self timer and press the shutter gently. Using the self timer minimizes possible camera shake.
**Follow the Light
** The light changes quickly as the sun rises, so adjust your exposure as you shoot to compensate for the additional light, and avoid overexposure.
Use Thirds_
_ Instead of focusing on the sky, frame your shot with the crater in the bottom two-thirds to create more visual interest and a greater sense of place.
**Go Wide
** Pack a wide-angle lens like Canon’s 24-70/2.8 or 24/1.4 so you can capture an expansive view, and shoot RAW so you can perfect your photo on the computer once you’re home.

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