Power Strips that Will Keep You Plugged in at Any Hotel

Keeping everything charged on vacation is crucial, especially when hotel room outlets are few and far between.

An open outlet is often hard to find in hotel rooms. Packing a power strip can solve that.Shutterstock

Sometimes, it seems like nothing can be harder to find in a hotel than a power outlet, let alone enough to charge up all your devices that have batteries in the red. You can make things easier by packing the right power strip, which helps ensure that you’ll be starting each day with all your batteries at full capacity.

Power Up

Anker PowerPort Cube.Amazon

As far as functionality, power strips haven't changed much over the years. Some of the newer models, however, do offer upgrades that can help charge more devices quickly and more efficiently. They also come in quite a few more shapes and sizes these days, so they're easy to grab and toss in your suitcase without weighing anything down.

Safety First

Anker Power Strip with USB.Amazon

While the power strip will give you the extra outlets you require, it's important to know that the device itself won't overheat and possibly damage your own gear. The first thing you'll want to check to make sure it has surge protection, which is pretty standard. Next, make sure that the cord is properly insulated, and a power strip's casing is both durable and resistant to overheating as well.

The Ideal Setup

Ntonpower Travel Power Strip.Amazon

While finding a power strip that's easy to pack and loaded with safety features is important, it really comes down to the length of the cord itself. Check to see how long the cord to the power strip is. Because the longer the cord, the more options you have for setting up your room how you'd like to have it, rather than what's convenient based on the layout of your room.