The Best Street Food in San Juan, Puerto Rico

October 7, 2016

The streets of Puerto Rico’s largest city are brimming with good eats. Here are our favorite local dishes (and where to get them).

Puerto Rican food: Alcapurrias
Alcapurrias Zach Stovall


These addictive fritters may look like stick-less corn dogs, but they’re less sweet and, if done right, spicier. A pimiento-tinged ground-beef filling is enveloped in a taro and green-plantain batter, then fried to a golden brown. The best place to sample Puerto Rico’s prized beach food? Across the street from San Juan’s see-and-be-seen Condado Beach, at Café del Angel.

Puerto Rican food: Pinchos
Pinchos Zach Stovall


You’ll find these kabobs (typically chicken marinated in adobo seasoning) sold from makeshift stands all over the island, but for the quintessential San Juan pincho, you must head to La Placita de Santurce. This square is a quiet market during the day that turns into a huge party after the sun goes down. The late-night food of choice is a hot-off-the-grill pincho from whatever cart has set up shop.

Puerto Rican food: Mofongo
Mofongo Zach Stovall


Not exactly grab-and-go street food, but we can’t talk about can’t-miss eats in Puerto Rico without mentioning this national staple. Mini mountains of mashed, fried plantains are stuffed with meat and spices. These mini mountains of mashed, fried plantains are stuffed with meat and spices. Fillings can include chicharrones (fried pork rinds), octopus, or chicken, but we’re partial to the shrimp version at Old San Juan’s Café Puerto Rico.

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