9 Reasons To Tie The Knot At The Cove At Atlantis Paradise Island

This Bahamas luxury hotel will surprise you with its romantic, grown-up offerings.

If you think you know Atlantis Paradise Island, think again. The Cove, the newest and most luxurious of the six Atlantis resorts in Nassau, has elevated the hotel experience, from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the suites to 24-hour room service. Tucked away from the other properties, it's a resort within a resort—but with access to everything you already love at Atlantis.

And now more than ever, it's a destination for romance and especially unforgettable weddings. Don't believe us? Here are some reasons why this resort is an exceptional choice for where to say, "I do."

Squeeze in a daytime poolside party

With the whole gang gathered anyway, it's the perfect time to cut loose. The adults-only pool at The Cove is that hotel hang that checks all the boxes, starting with a D.J. spinning from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. The whole venue is 35,0000 square feet with three pools, two hot tubs, 11 daybeds, and 20 cabanas—plenty of space for everyone. 


Sip Sip, the onsite bar and grill keeps the passionfruit sangria, margaritas, watermelon-vodka coolers and more flowing—and dishes up Bahamian noshes like lobster quesadillas.

Snag a bonus vacation out of it

If you're booking the whole big-day package, from sit-down dinner to dancing, you have reason to jet down beforehand to make all the big decisions—from seeing the venues in person to tasting the menus. 


You can also use the time to take save-the-date photos at an iconic spot on property, such as in front of the shark tank in the lobby of the Royal, the main hotel of the Atlantis compound, or from the Royal terrace overlooking the pools below.

It’s stress-free

OK, technically any wedding is going to come with a bit of stress, but having Tiffany Moss or any of the other wedding coordinators at Cove Atlantis handle all the details for you makes the process a whole lot less complicated. Say, "Yes" to The Cove, and you need only answer a few calls and emails from your wedding coordinator—freeing up more of your mental space for the fun stuff, like planning a viral-worthy routine for your first dance.


Choose from three beaches to say, ‘I do’

Atlantis is one resort, six hotels—and 5 miles of beach. Tying the knot means your choice of three beaches, each with its own look and feel. 

The Cove Beach packs the most drama, with waves crashing into the rock jetty framing the horizon. This space accommodates 80 people, and, thanks to the sidewalk running parallel to the sand, offers easy access to elderly or less mobile guests. 


Just in front of Sip Sip restaurant is Palm Point, accommodating parties of 40 and offering a unique photo opportunity: A single palm tree creates that castaway vibe.

"It feels like you're on your own island," says Moss.

Paradise Beach, the quietest and most intimate of the three, is just behind the Reef hotel, a bookend property found at the farthest point.

Your Instagram is gonna blow up

The white sand beaches are every bit as pretty as you'd expect them to be in the Bahamas—but there's so much more than just the shore. The shark tank, waterslides, lazy river, manicured gardens, grottoes and waterfalls of the pools—the list goes on. 


We especially loved the bridge running over the Royal Lagoon, not just for the symbolism of crossing over into your new life together, but because the clear pools below, reflecting turquoise, are studded with stingrays. The red, oversize heart swing is obviously a must-do. 

But the most curious spot on the property is easily The Steps to Nowhere—a cement staircase leftover from a past structure that now stand on the sand—offer a platform right at the edge of the sea. Yes, you can tie the knot here, but because of the nature of the spot, it's more of a photo op than an I-do location, unless yours is just a party a deux.

You’ll be blown away by Ocean’s Edge

There's a reason Moss shows her brides Ocean's Edge last. The crown jewel of the property's wedding sites offers so much that brides tend to quickly pop the question: "What date can I book?"

Choose it and score what's really three-locations-in-one: the lawn where the ceremony is held, the deck where dinner is hosted and the pavilion, an interior space with a high ceiling and 15 chandeliers, perfect for keeping the party going.


It's the most private of all the resort's wedding locations, and yet, is large enough to accommodate up to 50 to 80 guests. Best of all, rent it, and it's yours till midnight.

Any after-party can roar on till 4 a.m.

No matter which Atlantis venue you choose, you and/or your guests can keep celebrating till 4 a.m.—so long as you move the party to Aura nightclub in the lower level of Atlantis' Royal Towers. If you've got a big budget, you can even pre-pay for bottle service for your group.


You can stay and honeymoon

Even if your guests tack on a few more days post wedding, the newlyweds can still have a honeymoon experience separate from invite list. One way to make the shift is to reserve a block of rooms at one property for the wedding, and then stay at a different hotel for the honeymoon. 


Atlantis, with nearly 200 acres, is big enough with enough offerings that you can switch it up and have an entirely different vibe. Opt for more low-key by taking advantage of 24-hour room service (available only at The Cove and The Reef) as well as services at the Mandara Spa and intimate dinners at Nobu. 

Couples can also sign up for as much adventure as they like, whether it's an onsite add-on, like a dolphin or sea lion encounter at Dolphin Cay, or 18 holes at the Tom Weiskopf-designed golf course. Beyond the resort, concierge can help arrange a daytrip to a nearby island, such as booking with Exuma Escapes so you can meet the hams of Pig Beach.

A destination that fits all your life stages

Atlantis quickly becomes tradition. Marry here, and it's likely you'll return to celebrate the milestones. By year 10, many couples have kids and come back to enjoy the memories—and make new ones. After all, what kid is going to say no to 141 acres of water rides and pools?