A Trio Of Magnificent Resort Mocktails For Celebrating Dry January

Three sunny resorts offer recipes for delicious, creative mocktails that are perfect for Dry January or really any time of year.

A really great bartender once told me that the most creative drinks he ever makes are those that have no alcohol. And he proved that point by making me a green juice (my favorite) that tasted like fruit and veggie heaven. The only problem? He couldn't really explain how to make it, other than, "I use this, this, and this." The most talented artists do everything by memory, after all.


The bigger problem with vague instructions is that's how I end up spending $40 at the farmer's market on ingredients for one blender's worth of juice, and nobody ever wants to live with the guilt of those rotting vegetables stinking up the fridge's fresh drawer. 

Fortunately, I know a few mixologists who keep good track of their recipes, so I asked them to hook us up with some mocktails not just for "Dry January" and the annual New Year wellness craze, but for everyday use. Who doesn't love a refreshing treat to start the morning off right?

Ginger Basil Grapefruit Spritzer

The Place: The Breakers Palm Beach


  • 1.5 oz Ginger basil simple syrup
  • 3 oz Freshly-squeezed grapefruit juice 
  • 2 Segments of grapefruit 
  • 6 oz soda 
  • Grapefruit wedge garnish and served in a Collins Glass

Ingredients for the Ginger Basil Simple Syrup:

  • 0.5 cup granulated sugar
  • 0.5 cup water
  • 0.25 cup chopped basil
  • 2 tbsp finely chopped ginger

How to Make the Syrup:

Bring the water to a rolling boil (careful not to evaporate too much liquid) and begin to slowly add the sugar, small portions at a time, and dissolve the sugar into the water. 


Once the sugar is completely dissolved, reduce the heat to medium low. This liquid is the basic simple syrup. From this liquid one could really add countless ingredients to create their own flavored simple syrup. 

Add the ginger and basil and increase the heat back to a rolling boil for 10 to 15 minutes. It can go longer, up to an hour, which will only infuse the syrup more. You want to be careful not to burn or cook the ingredients as it will change the flavor profile. 

Turn off the heat and strain the basil and ginger from the syrup, leaving you with a ginger basil simple syrup. 

Measure accordingly and mix with the remaining ingredients.

Precious Pineapple

The Place: Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa


  • 10-12 Mint leaves
  • 2-3 Fresh lime wheels
  • 1 oz Simple syrup
  • 1 oz Fresh pineapple juice
  • Club soda
  • Pineapple slices for garnish

How to Make It:

  • Delicately muddle the mint leaves and fresh lime wheels in a highball glass.
  • Combine and shake the simple syrup and pineapple juice pour into glass.
  • Top off the mocktail with club soda and garnish with pineapple slice and extra mint leaves.

Horizons Ruby Mocktail

The Place: Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort, Aruba


  • 4 Pieces of fresh raspberries
  • 4 oz Ruby Red grapefruit juice
  • 1 oz Passion fruit mix
  • 1 Mint leaf
  • 1 Sliced physalis
  • 3 blueberries

How to Make It:

  • Crush the raspberries.
  • In a shaker, add grapefruit juice, passion fruit mix, raspberry juice and 1 scoop of ice, shake well.
  • Strain and poor in a tall glass, add ice and garnishes.