Kimpton Seafire Just Became Every Kid's Favorite Resort

Forget the bounce house and petting zoo—the world’s best birthday party is taking place on Grand Cayman.

When Kimpton Seafire Resort and Spa recently unveiled the SPLASH interactive waterpark, resorts around the Caribbean hopefully took notice. Massive, winding waterslides are great for teens and adults looking for thrills and great GoPro footage, but there are few vacation moments worse for parents than when a smaller child steps up to the measuring stick and learns from a cartoon sea turtle or octopus that he's too small to partake in the fun. That's not the case at this popular Grand Cayman resort, however, because this new amenity is all about maximizing the experience for smaller guests.

During any visit, children ages 12 and under can spend hours squealing and shouting, "Again!" as they move between SPLASH's three smaller—but still very exciting—waterslides. If anything, it's a great introduction to water parks, so when they finally reach 48 inches in height, they won't know the meaning of fear when staring down the tubes of bigger slides. And there's no such thing as "too old" when it comes to standing beneath a giant bucket of water that's about to tip over, as even the smallest group of kids will scream louder than when the ball drops in Times Square.

But just when parents think it couldn't get any better, the resort introduces an element of exclusivity that will truly spoil the child of the moment. A trio of packages is available for providing the ultimate Grand Cayman birthday celebration, and it's especially great for families that prefer to travel in packs and make up for lost vacation time.

Seafire Splash
As many as 25 children, ages 12 and under, can have a blast here, all while learning about the Cayman Islands in the process. | Kimpton Seafire

For starters, the "Cayman Parrot" experience boasts two hours of SPLASH privacy, party games, and one themed arts and crafts activity for up to 11 children, which is great for extended families with a bevy of little ones. More kids? Bump it up to the "Bananaquit" package, which can host up to 16 children for two hours and includes two themed arts and crafts activities, twice the party games, and a special birthday cake. Both offerings also boast backup for parents in the form of two Camp Seafire team members.

While those sound like the ultimate spoils, that honor goes to the "Blue Iguana." This experience is good for up to 25 children and 10 adults and features two themed arts and crafts activities, party games, birthday decorations, a birthday cake, and the assistance of three Camp Seafire team members. Oh, and it will provide endless smiles.

Perhaps best of all the SPLASH park also weaves an eco-friendly education into the fun. The concept was designed to incorporate the native flora and fauna of the Cayman Islands, so as the kids are skipping from slide to slide, they'll learn all about silver thatch, wild sapodilla, royal palm, and the very popular coccoloba, aka the seagrape.