You Don't Have To Be A Golfer To Fall Madly In Love With Casa De Campo

This Dominican Republic unicorn is celebrated for its majestic courses, but it is also an all-around exceptional resort experience.

Mention Casa de Campo Resort and Villas around any serious golfers and you're almost guaranteed an ear-to-ear grin. If they haven't played one of the iconic courses here, they most certainly want to, and if they have? Prepare to hear a very detailed recap of every hole on Teeth of the Dog, because this design is a modern miracle that people of all skill levels won't soon forget. After all, Pete Dye's magnificent effort is No. 20 on Golf Digest's "World's 100 Greatest Golf Courses," so simply being here is an incredible bragging right.


But if you're not a golfer, here's the most important thing to know about Casa de Campo: This place is still phenomenal, even if you've never picked up a club in your life. Staying here might actually tempt a novice to at least try playing golf for the first time—especially with an affable, patient pro like Parker LaPointe standing by to offer tips—but even if a guest has absolute-zero interest in simply trying, this property will still thrill and entertain all types of guests.

In fact, it's the kind of place that makes you think that it couldn't possibly be any better, and yet there's always something new or creative around the corner. If it's not a concert set in the amphitheater at the impossibly cool Altos de Chavon, then it's a resort upgrade that will keep Casa de Campo at the front of the pack—a seemingly impossible task given that the rest of the Dominican Republic's resorts are constantly bettering themselves just to keep up with this one.


It all begins with the newest cherry on top concept that will spoil guests and keep them right in the heart of the action. 

Welcome to the Club

Upon arriving at Casa de Campo, the size is shocking. It's like an island within the island, and anyone might be mystified by the task of getting from reception to the beach club and then back to the room before heading to dinner at the Chilango Taquiria in Altos de Chavon. The easy answer is, of course, one of the property's shuttles, but the better answer is one of the golf carts included in the new Premier Club experience.


So many properties now offer a "resort within a resort" concept, but Casa de Campo has always been a trendsetter and the Premier Club raises the bar with ease. Especially at a time when the Dominican Republic is hotter than ever—both in terms of popularity and temperature—laidback jet-setters will cherish an opportunity to avoid the crowds by escaping to a private bar and lounge for those little moments in between the bigger moments. The Premier Club has that, as well as a staff that treats every guest like the only person in town.

An interior view of the Premier Junior Suite at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas in the Dominican Republic.
Subtle? Maybe. Stylish and sublimely comfortable? Absolutely. | Casa de Campo Resort and Villas

The centerpiece of this experience is the exceptional comfort of the accommodations, as the 58 suites—27 Premier Junior suites with double beds, 26 Premier Junior suites with kings, four Premier one-bedroom suites, and the oh-so-glorious Premier Presidential Suite—provide subtle elegance and the creature comforts we need for the downtime spent in rooms, away from the myriad reasons we choose such a destination.


But no one should miss the golf courses, dining options, tennis courts, or Minitas Beach Club too much, because the golf carts are ready to whisk everyone back to the fun.

Beyond the World Class Courses

When it comes to this massive property, it might seem like everything is about the golf, but that's hardly the case. In fact, while most guests are trying to conquer Teeth of the Dog or the equally phenomenal courses that comprise Dye Fore, that's the time for non-golfers to strike, because there are so many other activities to enjoy, from other fitness-focused opportunities to a movie theater showing the latest blockbusters.


Aspiring marksmen can head to the shooting center, where 200 stations are available for trap, skeet, and sporting clays, as well as pigeon rings and the more challenging Rancho Peligro. What's really cool about this setting is how it complements the golf experience by offering a secondary group opportunity that also provides a competitive edge for friends and family. And just like with the Golf Learning Center, guests can learn to get better here as well.

The tennis courts at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas in the Dominican Republic.
Pickleball, anyone? There are plenty of courts for everyone. | Casa de Campo Resort and Villas

That's sort of the overall theme here—teaching people to be better while they get the best of the Dominican Republic. Beyond golf and shooting, there's also horseback riding, fishing, and even the Fundación Real Madrid Soccer School. Heck, guests can take Spanish lessons poolside, because why not? Why not push ourselves to be better people in one of the most beautiful settings in the Caribbean?


It's almost exhausting just thinking about it all over again but thank goodness there's something special to help us all relax.

Take a Break—You’ve Earned It

If Casa de Campo had left its spa as it was, it would still be an amazing health and wellness concept for anyone from travel-weary beach bums to golfers looking to work out the kinks and soreness before heading out for another round. With yoga classes and the meditation garden, it was already one of the finest facilities on the island, but nothing is ever good enough here. Enter: The all-new Spa and Wellness Center at Casa de Campo.


From the moment guests step through the front doors, they'll know what's in store at this stunning, modern oasis. More than 18,000 sq. ft. of space is dedicated to rest and relaxation, therapeutic treatments, and even wedding party preparation. Truth be told, the VIP and Bridal Suite alone might make this place No. 1 on every destination wedding wish list for the coming years.

Thirteen treatment rooms will be available for making guests feel like they're on cloud nine, with hands-on and even hands-free experiences set to make it feel like time has stopped. JetPeel Facials, Triple Detox Therapy on the MLX i3 Dome, Binaural Acoustic and Dynamic Stimulation on the Welnamis Table—sure, these all sound like phrases out of science fiction movies, but the gospel is real. The bliss is oh so real.


And there's even a green juice or Dominican coffee waiting at the Spa Café at the end. Not that you'll want it to end.

And Yet There's Still More to Come

What else can be created or improved here? Golf, obviously. After all, as Golf Digest pointed out in its massive ranking, Casa de Campo is the reason the Dominican Republic has become an unparalleled golf destination. Other resorts have seen what this brilliant monument to Caribbean excellence has created and they try to emulate the best aspects.


Sometimes it works, but that just means it's time for this property to step it up again. And that will start with reseeding Teeth of the Dog, a dauntless task no doubt, but one that will only enhance the playing element that is made a billion times better by the unrivaled views. Eventually, Dye Fore will receive some enhancements as well. But that's for another time.

Today, it's all about living in the moment at Casa de Campo Resort and Villas. And right now things are looking especially luxurious.