A Private Island Resort In Fiji Is Offering The Most Incredible Week Of A Lifetime

Would you like to vacation with 31 of your closest friends? Wakaya Club and Spa is the place to do it.

The concept of a full resort or private island buyout isn't anything new, but it certainly became far more popular in the last year or so. As families, groups of friends, and even companies sought to make up for lost time and reschedule everything from destination weddings to teambuilding retreats, it simply became more convenient to consider reserving the entire place for the sake of focusing on the people who matter most.


And even as tropical travel trends continue to improve and people return to their favorite resorts all over the world, it's safe to assume the buyout concept won't go away. If anything, it will only get bigger and better, and that theory is backed by the latest massive offering from Fiji's Wakaya Club and Spa, which invites the whole crew to come and experience seven amazing days of action, adventure, and pure bliss.

Sega Na Leqa
Sega Na Leqa is like a castle within this kingdom. | Wakaya Club and Spa

As many as 32 guests can call this extravagant private island home for a full week, and the only stress that will be experienced will involve choosing who will stay in the bures and which lucky visitor will get dibs on the new and spectacular Sega Na Leqa, which would be an incredible choice for a couple hosting the destination wedding of anyone's dreams.


But this is less about where guests will sleep and more about everything that will wear them out. Golfers should pack their clubs and enjoy unlimited use of the 9-hole course, while anyone who can't skip a day at the gym will love the fitness bure. Everyone else can take turns kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, and snorkeling in the Wakaya Marine Preserve, or settle their beefs over who gets which bure on the tennis court. (Lessons are also available for anyone who wants a leg up.)

sunset in Fiji
Not pictured: 32 close friends and family having the vacation of their lives. | Wakaya Club and Spa

Food is always a key factor, and the culinary offering here might be the centerpiece of this experience for many guests. Not only is a private chef and personal butler service available, but Chef Marielle Hajj will also lead cooking classes for anyone who loves to learn about regional cuisine. For romance, there are private beach picnics, and those adventure lovers, still feeling the buzz from guided excursions, can even spear fish for their dinner that night.

Hold on to your monocles, because the cost of this epic vacation starts at $330,750 per week, but when you factor in the number of people and everything that is included, it seems like a steal.