Garza Blanca Resort And Spa Cancun Unveils The Gold Mine Margarita

The resort’s new signature twist on the classic drink pays tribute to Mayan culture—with a dash of glamour.

Signature cocktails sometimes tell us everything we need to know about a resort. A simple recipe might mean humble, minimalist luxury and comfort, while elaborate lists of ingredients and a spectacle of mixology at the lobby bar suggests guests are in for a heck of a stay. If anything, it is a sample of the creativity we will experience elsewhere in the property during a stay, and that's especially the case at Garza Blanca Resort and Spa Cancun.

This staple of modern all-inclusive luxury has already wowed travelers with the elaborate three- and four-bedroom penthouses and thrilling amenities, but it is the debut of the Gold Mine Margarita at the adults-only rooftop bar that is sure to be the talk of Cancun. Developed by the property's Master Mixologists, this cocktail was conceived as a delicious tribute to Mayan culture, as the recipe calls for 24 karat gold flakes.  

Truly a marg destined for Instagram glory.

In addition to the gold and crucial top-shelf tequila, guests will be treated to a room-stopping presentation, sort of like when someone in your crew orders fajitas and all heads turn. Except this is way cooler and ends with the name of the person who ordered the marg being immortalized on a plaque for The Gold Mine Margarita Club. An honor like that is truly hard to come by anywhere else, which is why the price tag is $200.

Garza Blanca Resort and Spa Cancun spoils guests with variety at restaurants like Blanca Blue, DAO, and Bocados Steak House, and there are many more cocktails to be enjoyed at the beachside Food Truck. They just won't land your name on a plaque.