How Can The Glorious Over Water Residence At Vakkaru Maldives Get Any Better?

It is one of the most luxurious experiences in the entire region, and a new perk will make it even more memorable.

The Maldives is one of those places where just when you think you've seen the most beautiful island in the world, you encounter the next one and it's somehow even more beautiful. And that's saying a lot for a destination that has almost 1,200 islands. So much natural beauty already makes selecting the perfect dream vacation spot a tough chore, and then you look at the resorts... yowzers.

We could spend all day talking about the most luxurious accommodations, but one of the best of the absolute best is the Vakkaru Over Water Bungalow, which is a floating palace that would make for any large family's ultimate getaway. And you'd think this resort couldn't possibly think of a way to make this experience better, but you would be wrong.

Vakkaru pool
Infinity pool or ocean? The answer is always both. | Vakkaru Maldives

To kick off 2022, Vakkaru Maldives announced that the already phenomenal Over Water Bungalow package will now include an incredibly special adventure that offers guests the chance to truly appreciate the region's natural beauty while giving back and making an impact on preservation. After boarding a private yacht, they'll be whisked away to a location where they'll work with experts in coral planting and reef cleaning. Naturally, the occasion will be topped off with a sunset champagne toast.

Up to eight guests will feel right at home in the two-story residence, with its two king rooms and two twin-bedrooms upstairs. | Vakkaru Maldives

At 10,225-sq. ft., the two-story Vakkaru Over Water Residence is among the largest in the Maldives, allowing space for up to eight guests to live comfortably. Two king bedrooms offer spectacular ocean views and open onto the terrace, which means a morning dip is just steps away. The only question is whether it'll be in the crystal blue waters or the private infinity pool. A smaller plunge pool is also available and ideal for relaxing after a day spent exploring.

Vakkaru living space
Even when guests need a break from it all, they won't be able to escape the views in the main living space. | Vakkaru Maldives

In addition to the new private yacht excursion, this villa includes amenities like a personal chef preparing custom meals, private beach BBQ, group yoga session, movie screening, high tea, and champagne, among others. It's all simply a matter of how much guests want to be spoiled.