Ibiza Gran Hotel Set To Reopen For A Luxurious New Season

With incredible amenities and some new perks, this 5-star property is always the place to be on the island’s ‘Golden Mile.’

How do you make arguably the best property in one of the world's most popular tropical destinations better than it already is? In the case of Ibiza Grand Hotel, sometimes you don't have to do too much, and the accolades will still roll in. As the iconic 5-star spot prepares to reopen its doors for the new season on April 3, longtime visitors will quickly discover that the flagship restaurant, La Gaia by Óscar Molina, was recently awarded a Michelin star, a first for the entire island.

But that's hardly the only buzz coming from the hotel. La Gaia will once again be joined this summer by the Zuma Ibiza pop-up from star German Chef Rainer Becker, and the rooftop location will offer some of the best views from the property. It's a must-visit opportunity for any aspiring influencers.

An aerial view of the new Pool Suites at Ibiza Gran Hotel in Spain's Balearic Islands.
The Pool Suites add an extra element of luxury at this 5-star property. | Ibiza Gran Hotel

Guests will likely find it difficult or downright impossible to make a poor choice among the 189 stylish suites, but the hottest accommodations at the hotel will be the recently unveiled Pool Suites, of which there are seven, with all of them boasting a sun terrace and private pool for awesome views of the city. For something a little more magnificent, a pair of Superior Pool Suites provide guests with an even bigger terrace, infinity pool, and Ibiza's Old Town serving as an idyllic backdrop.

The pool at Ibiza Gran Hotel in Spain's Balearic Islands.
Whether dancing the night away to live music or lounging by the pool, guests can enjoy the best of Ibiza here. | Ibiza Gran Hotel

In addition to an unparalleled art collection of more than 400 works and the 14,000-sq. ft. Open Spa that will keep guests thoroughly melted from relaxation the entirety of their stay, Ibiza Gran Hotel is also unveiling the island's newest nightclub setting, Club Chinois, the sister venue of London's Park Chinois.