Ki'ama Bahamas Aims To Make A More Affordable And Eco-Friendly Private Island Experience

This exciting new concept boasts luxury homes with stellar resort amenities and fully staffed, solar-powered yachts.

Imagine stepping outside of a luxurious oceanfront home on a secluded Bahamian beach as you make your way to the marina to board your fully staffed yacht for a day of sailing through the islands. At Ki'ama Bahamas, this lifestyle is possible, as it is a new type of resort club that offers fractional ownership of luxury residences with access to private yachts. Fractional ownership, unlike a timeshare, is deeded real estate that can be sold, placed in a trust, gifted, or inherited. Residences can also be purchased outright by a single owner.


The resort includes 16 four-bedroom residences with 5,900 sq. ft. of living space and eight six-bedroom estate homes available for shared, or single, ownership. Each home also includes the use of a solar-powered and crewed yacht, as well as rental speed boats, a beach club, spa, restaurant, and six private white sand beaches. The resort is located on 36 acres of Elizabeth Island, which is just a quick water taxi ride from George Town, Exuma. Club Ki'ama owners can stay in a residence or on a yacht during their vacation—or mix it up to experience both. 

Owners can use their home and yacht at least five weeks per year but possibly even more often based on availability.

Iron Beach
With less than 20 percent of the island's land set to be developed, there will still be plenty of space for visitors to explore. | Ki'ama Bahamas

One of the big attractions of Ki'ama as a dream destination is its standing as the world's first sustainable residential-yacht club that is a fully solar powered, carbon-neutral private island.  The word Ki'ama is derived from the Bahamian-based Arawakan language, a combination of "earth spirit" and "water," which captures the feeling of the resort's concept. Once complete, only 18 percent of the land on Elizabeth Island will be developed leaving plenty of natural, lush surroundings untouched. 


The resort's pools are made from recycled shipping containers which means no excavation was required. One percent of the resort's sales will be donated to Silent Catch, a nonprofit that supports eco-friendly ocean initiatives like the electrification of local fishing fleets, the preservation of the local mangroves, and will help to fund reef restoration.

Current pricing for the first release of the Club residences is $525,000 with estate residences starting at $4.25 million.