Kōloa Landing Resort Turns Vacation Into Adventure For Children

The Kaua’i is for Kids program will help inspire a new generation of explorers.

A child's first trip to Hawaii will be memorable for many reasons, but because this is a once in a lifetime even for many families, it is important to maximize every opportunity. For teens and tweens that could mean special water activities and excursions, and little ones just learning to walk will probably be happy to plop down on a splash pad. But what about those the children in between, who are too old for the tiny waterslides and too young for a snorkeling trip?

Kōloa Landing Resort has kids between 3 and 11 covered with the new Kaua'I is for Kids experience that will help create many happy explorers during their stay. Equipped with their complimentary adventure pack, which includes binoculars, a compass, sunglasses, and a sun hat, young guests will embark on a sugarcane scavenger hunt to learn all about the crop's extensive, important history on the island. 

"Kōloa Landing Resort celebrates sugarcane through modern authentic indulgences from sugarcane accents in spa treatments and raw sugarcane used in mixed drinks to now our sugarcane scavenger hunt," explained Andy Evers, Kōloa Landing Resort's GM. "Sugarcane is what makes Kōloa Landing Resort unique and families will have the opportunity to experience this in a fun and educational way through our Kaua'i is for Kids program."

Armed with a map of the property, kids will embark on an epic quest to find seven signs, each one not only offering a piece of Kōloa's rich history, but also a special word that will combine with the others to deliver a final secret message and prize. And for those moments when parents need a break to lounge by "America's Best Pool," children will be able to keep learning and having fun with their special activity book.

The experience will presumably provide enough enjoyment and information for kids to remind their parents about it until they cave and start planning the return trip.