Los Cabos Enters A New Golden Age And Quivira Is A Big Reason Why

There’s more to this luxurious resort community than just golf (but the golf is absolutely phenomenal, too).

While eating breakfast at the Palomas Restaurant in Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos, it felt like I traveled back in time. With my back to the Sea of Cortez, I had a panoramic view of this stylish, Mediterranean-vibed resort's outdoor amenities, and as I devoured the beyond-delicious Veracruz-styled eggs, I was overwhelmed by the sense of classic Cabo. It was as if a 1980s Spring Break movie was about to break out and a young Tom, Hanks or Cruise, would sprint by, hands full of bikini tops.

An hour later, I was on a Cabo Adventures catamaran, viewing this spectacular city from the water, which is a rite of passage for first-time visitors. Hanging a right at El Arco, passing an armada of snorkeling boats and yachts packed with wannabe influencers angling for just the right shots, I was treated to another glimpse into the past. This time it was the row of colorful cliffside mansions, each one more elaborate (some even a little gauche) than the next, that once served as second or third homes to icons like Sylvester Stallone, George Clooney, and even the notorious El Chapo. Today, the top draw is the controversial Dan Bilzerian. (We're not sure if he's the reason Cabo King Sammy Hagar moved to another neighborhood.)

But sailing a little further, I laid eyes on a magnificent sight, and a familiar one at that. It was The Towers at Pacifica, the "resort within a resort" at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort. As luxurious as it is intimate, it represents the future of Los Cabos.

And the future is blindingly bright.

Far More than a Resort

Getting the lay of the land at Quivira Los Cabos can be a little confusing. When the golf-focused travelers among us hear the name Quivira, we experience a Pavlovian response of packing our clubs and bursting through the wall like the Kool-Aid man to get to the airport as fast as humanly possible. That's because the Quivira Golf Club is world renowned for being one of Jack Nicklaus's greatest creations—a magnificent collection of 18 holes boasting stunning views, frustrating twists and turns, and the most delightful pit stops with palomas and snacks no mouth will ever forget.


But this is far more than just a golfer's paradise. Quivira Los Cabos is a luxury resort residential community, which means it offers world class hotels and luxury estate lots, making it the kind of place people visit, fall madly in love with, and then never want to leave. Of course, being able to purchase property in this region is a tall order for many, so the great news is the planners and creative geniuses behind the curtain are constantly developing new ideas.

Quivira Coronado
Don't mind the mess. How could you? Every family member and guest will be mesmerized by the views. | Quivira Los Cabos

The thing about those golf views, though, is that they're not just relegated to the Par 3 cliffside 13th hole or the Par 4 5th hole (that feels like it was created by children who love rolling down hills). Quivira currently boasts three residential communities—Copala, Coronado, and Novaspania—and just as the ocean provides breathtaking views on the coastal holes, the unique, stylish homes do the same everywhere else. And anyone teeing off right now will quickly learn that construction is well underway, with Alvar and Old Lighthouse Club slated to become the next headline makers.


To the homeowners go the spoils, there is no doubt, but this is a community that also knows how to make the resort guests feel like family.

The Ultimate in All of the Above

Stepping inside The Market at Quivira for the first time, I could immediately tell why the residential lots sell like elote hot cakes. Inspired by European food halls, this retail and dining combo serves as an exclusive gathering place for anyone in need of a cocktail, snack, full meal, or decadent dessert. There's even a sports bar for when the game cannot be missed. It's like a bustling downtown scene organized in a compact setting, but without feeling small.


Now, if these were merely perks for homeowners, there would be no fun in spilling such secrets (unless it was an act of jealousy). Fortunately, this amenity is also open to guests of the resorts, which is obviously a huge selling point, even if this is a place that doesn't really need to twist your arm. 

Make no mistake about it, the resort experience puts an emphasis on adults-only luxury, romance, and excitement. It begins with Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf and Spa Resort, which exists almost as a Looney Tunes desert oasis mirage that can't possibly be real. Only it most certainly is, and the most wayward wanderers will want to dive face-first into it over and over again. Set on a stretch of Cabo beach as if it is an A-list giant's sandcastle, this resort is every couple's dream come true, from bliss-seeking honeymooners to eternal soulmates who have lost track of how many years they're celebrating.

Towers at Pacifica
The Towers at Pacifica operate with a concept of treating each guest with the utmost importance, and it delivers on every level. | Quivira Los Cabos

Within minutes of checking in I heard the familiar cries of joy from young parents who left the little ones with grandma and papa for a few days, maybe even a week. Now, the Pacifica experience is incredible as-is; however, there's another level of luxury here that might not be rivaled by any other resort in the region. The "resort within a resort," The Towers at Pacifica are, to put it in a term every traveler understands, wow.

In addition to everything Pacifica already offers, guests of the Towers are spoiled beyond the boundary of mortal imagination by 24-hour butler service, which might invoke Big Brother vibes, but the staff is trained so well (by the British Butler Institute, no doubt) that by the second day, it's like they're finishing your thoughts. Cabo is famous for the sunsets, and the view from the VIP lounge is unparalleled. The same goes for the beachfront restaurant Peninsula and even the fitness center, which might not be at the top of anyone's amenities list, but this one is so nice that it basically dares guests to squeeze in a workout.

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach
Families will be thrilled with the space and variety at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. | Quivira Los Cabos

Don't get the wrong idea, though. This is a community for families, too. Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach is the kind of resort where the seeds are planted for second and third generations to make Cabo their vacation destination of choice. If the all-inclusive convenience and location don't seal the deal, the amazing pools will. And the property is about as ideal as it gets for a home base of all-ages adventure, including swimming with dolphins, exploring the natural landmarks by catamaran, and playing golf, obviously.


But some families still won't cap the price on privacy. For seclusion amid hosting special milestone events, or merely quality time with loved ones, Pueblo Bonito Montecristo Estates boasts three-bedroom villas in a gated community, in addition to private infinity pools, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, and butler service. Booker beware, though: this experience is guaranteed to make guests want to consider investing in a lot of their own.

The Future is Fantastic

What could possibly make Quivira any better than it already is? Creativity and foresight, of course. The latter being the common-sense realization that more people will want in on this otherworldly resort community and therefore the former means coming up with new ways to keep everyone entertained. The aforementioned Alvar and Old Lighthouse Club neighborhoods are merely the tip of the sand dunes (or perhaps the honey on top of the Roasted Pineapple cocktail at the Refresca Tequila Bar) when it comes to living here.


Both residents and guests—perhaps of the soon-to-open St. Regis at Quivira's 120 suites—will want a cabana at the Quivira Beach Club when the red carpet finally rolls out, and afternoons will be made of chasing the La Choya Wandering Kitchen around the entire community for the sake of devouring its surprise treats. Families will love the sense of peace and educational lessons found in the Amakiri Botanical Garden, and while the gym will satisfy any fitness nut, there's nothing quite like grabbing a bike and hitting the trails.

Hole 13 in Quivira Los Cabos
Golfers of all skill levels have undoubtedly cursed Jack Nicklaus for the cliffside green on Hole 13, but can he top the coolness of this design? | Quivira Los Cabos

And it's important to repeat that Quivira isn't simply a golf destination, but a second Jack Nicklaus Signature Course will undeniably put this in the top echelon of vacation choices for everyone from Sunday slicers to some of the PGA's greatest legends. Groundbreaking won't take place until later this year, and it'll be a while before the first foursome is ready to tee off.


But that just means we'll all have a little more time to appreciate this Los Cabos renaissance and the incredible role Quivira is playing in ensuring this golden age will never end.