Kā'anapali Beach Hotel Offers A Family Spring Break Loaded With Culture

The sand and water are always great, but the experiences will steal the show.

One of the hallmarks of a great Hawaiian hotel or resort is the dedication to immersing visitors in local culture and history through creative programs and experiences. On-site activities go a long way in introducing guests, especially younger children, to valuable educational insight that will not only help them understand what makes these islands so special, but also inspire them to return again and again. Because sometimes it takes a little more than just the beautiful scenery.


Known by many as "Hawaii's Most Hawaiian Hotel," Kā'anapali Beach Hotel in Maui is a prime example of this philosophy, as it is home to the Kawenaokeao Cultural Center. Here, guests can engage in a wide variety of fun, informative, and—best of all—complimentary classes that run the gauntlet from active and engaging to inspiring and memorable. And some of them will even provide little travelers with far better souvenirs than they'll find in any shops.

Activities like hula and ukulele lessons and lei-making classes are common throughout the island's hotels and resorts, but this property goes above and beyond in the depth of experiences and spreading things out so a family's itinerary can be packed but not overwhelming. The ʻŌlelo program, for example, will teach everyone short, simple letters, words, and phrases, as well as the history of the Hawaiian language and the meanings of some of the islands' most notable places. Children will also undoubtedly love learning about nature and how people can prevent ocean hazards in the Kilo Moana class, as well as how natural elements have long been used in navigation in the Pānānā experience.

A drone's eye view of the Kā'anapali Beach Hotel on the island of Maui in Hawaii.
Guests will enjoy the pool and beach here, sure, but the cultural activities shouldn't be missed. | Kā'anapali Beach Hotel

The newest concept, Mo'olelo, takes place on Tuesdays and Fridays and has an all-encompassing purpose. In addition to teaching even more about the local language and traditions, this session also uses Hawaii's many stories to evoke life lessons and values, hopefully inspiring the guests who take time to explore this exceptional vacation opportunity.

Kā'anapali Beach Hotel also recently unveiled the Huihui beachfront restaurant, which offers all the views that travelers have come to love when visiting Maui, as well as an extra lesson in enjoying the exceptional regional cuisine.