Vista Encantada Spa Resort And Residences Makes It Impossible To Resist Relaxation

One of the coolest properties in Los Cabos delivers on so many levels.

When I felt the wave of relaxation first hit, I was cozied up on one of the daybeds lining Vista Encantada Spa Resort & Residences' rooftop infinity pool, a margarita in one hand and a book in the other. The feeling snuck up on me so quickly, I wasn't even quite sure what it was; after all, when was the last time I had even felt truly relaxed? Over the last few years, my mind has been convinced that a feeling of relaxation and escape is only attainable in some far-flung destination that's a hassle to get to. It certainly wasn't something I'd find at a resort in Los Cabos, one of Mexico's most popular beach cities. 


Yet there I was, at Vista Encantada—a family-friendly resort—experiencing a calmness devoid of any nagging anxiety or annoyances. I gazed across the sleek infinity pool, out toward the rocky coastline, and then traced the perfectly clear blue sky back to the white umbrella stretched out over my daybed. The verdict was in—relaxation was inevitable. But was it really? A sip from one of the best margaritas I'd had in recent memory confirmed my suspicions: Resistance was futile. 

Vista Encantada opened in 2019 as an exclusive luxury boutique offering across from its sister properties, the 222-room Hacienda Encantada and the eight private villas of The Residences at Hacienda Encantada. Perched on a cliff, above all others, this 36-suite property offers uninterrupted views of the famous Cabo coastline and creates an environment that almost demands guests sit back, relax, and soak it all in.


Here's how it gets the job done.

It feels like a personal vacation home

Vista's exceptionally spacious suites feature residential floor plans that range from 1,622-sq. ft. one-bedroom to 3,564-sq. ft. four-bedrooms with all the fixings. Rooms sport individual AC controls (a lifesaver for some), and home comforts and conveniences like full living rooms and kitchen, a washer/dryer room, and, in some units, a gorgeous master bath with a standalone soaking tub and dual-headed rainfall showerheads. 


Off the bedrooms and living rooms, guests have their own private terrace with coastline ocean views. Most come with a full-size gas grill, and large plunge pool that can be transformed into a heated whirlpool at the touch of a button. Suites are designed with full privacy in mind, and it's likely you'll never hear (and you certainly won't see) your neighbors, making it truly feel like your own place in the sun. 

Superb service makes it easy to let go

The service at Vista Encantada sets a high bar and is a big reason relaxation comes so easily. From greeters to bellboys to your own private butler, you'll be genuinely enthusiastically taken care of by people who know how to anticipate your needs and cater to your wants. Butlers do everything from arranging reservations and transportation to making sure your minibar is full of exactly what you want and escorting you to appointments. Anything you may need or want, you need not lift a finger (well, except to text your butler, that is). 


Each suite has a dedicated butler who is on the clock around the clock. At any given time, butlers are only taking care of three to four rooms, giving the service an ultra-personal feel. Normally, having a butler stresses me out; I don't like people doing things for me. However, my butler, Lu, was so warm and efficient, it didn't take long for me to pony up the reins, knowing I was in her excellent hands. Going forward, her service will be hard to match.

The cocktails are an experience

Vista Encantada is hiding a secret—they have an incredible cocktail program. Mixologist Jessica a.k.a. Gin Reyes understands that a cocktail can elevate an experience and has designed the cocktail menus at Vista Encantada's Atica Rooftop & Pool Bar, Mestizo del Mar restaurant, and CantoMar lobby bar with extra thought, often using local ingredients, spirits, and liqueurs. Infused tequilas, syrups, bitters, and several garnishes are made in-house and take these craft cocktails to the next level. 


In CantoMar, trained mixologists whip up bespoke cocktails after asking guests a few questions (I was made a fantastic mezcal and charcoal cocktail with rose and lime) or roll out your new favorite version of a tried-and-true classic. 

While by the pool, try the Vista Margarita, which contains Damiana (a local liqueur); it was a hands-down favorite among guests during my visit. Best of all, the all-inclusive plan covers top-shelf spirits which, again, help take the cocktail experience to the next level. 

The spa features a grotto-style hydrotherapy circuit

Vista's Milagro Spa is tucked away in the corner of the resort but shouldn't be missed. Treatments include the usual body scrubs, wraps, and massages, as well as a few more-unique offerings such as the Mayan Ritual, a traditional Temazcal experience, and two hydrotherapy circuits, one inside and one outside (beneath a gorgeous brick-domed grotto that faces the ocean, to boot). 


Similar to the rooftop pool, the outdoor hydrotherapy area has a distinct Mediterranean vibe that feels extra luxurious and adds to the resort's overall feeling of escape and seclusion. Access to the hydrotherapy areas comes with any body treatment, but you can also book it on its own. 

Stunning sunrise and sunset

Once again, the resort's cliff top location wins it extra points. Cabo's great weather means you can usually count on spectacular sunrise and sunset views from the resort. One evening, while dining at La Trajinera, the sunset was punctuated with a small fireworks show; another evening, at Barolo, the sunset was so saturated it seemed as though it had melted into the horizon, and even the hotel staff were pulling out their cameras for a capture. 


Even with the best of intentions, I never made it up quite early enough to watch the sunrise from my east-facing terrace—a huge regret—but I can only imagine it was just as spectacular, if not more. 

Exclusive spaces and clever design create a feeling of seclusion

The smart design of Vista Encantada plays a huge part in creating an environment primed for relaxation. Built on the cliff, either side of the boutique resort sports sprawling coastline views. However, most of the resort is built facing east, creating a limited view of your surroundings and a feeling of seclusion and intimacy. Because of Vista's privileged location on the cliff, views are unobstructed, and the closest resorts are several stories below guests' line of sight. 


The positioning also blocks out any views of the neighboring Hacienda Encantada and The Residences (which are to the back of the building). The only time guests can see they are a part of a larger complex is through the floor-to-ceiling windows at Mestizo del Mar, but even then, the vantage point is elevated and feels exclusive. 

The rooftop pool feels like your own slice of heaven

One of the more exclusive spaces at Vista Encantada is the rooftop pool. Aside from the gym, it's the only space on the property that is strictly for Vista guests only. Resting high on the 7th floor, overlooking the cliffside, and featuring a collection of polished stone columns and arches, lounging here can feel almost untouchable. 


Once again, Vista Encantada is playing with your sense of place, making you feel like you're farther away than you actually are—and it makes all the difference. Surprisingly, even though the rooftop pool is family-friendly, it was never rowdy as kids—and adults—seemed to be on their best behavior. 

You’ll get your pick of 16 different restaurants

One of the perks of having Hacienda Encantada in your backyard and being a sister property to yet another resort down by the Cabo Marina is that you'll get to dine at their restaurants. All but two restaurants available to Vista guests are included in the all-inclusive plan. If you're not all-inclusive, no sweat—you can just charge meals at these restaurants back to your room, easy peasy. All-in-all you'll have 16 restaurants to choose from serving different iterations of seafood, steaks, Mexican, Italian, and Japanese cuisine, meaning there's something for everyone and nary a bad meal in the house. 


Standout spots include Vista's signature restaurant, Mestizo del Mar, where the views almost surpass the menu; La Trajinera, a fine dining Mexican restaurant; and Los Riscos, a grillhouse with stunning cliffside sunset views. As a shameless shellfish lover, I beelined for Baja Lobster Company over at the marina, grabbed a seat outside overlooking the water, and indulged in a plate of plump raw oysters, some shrimp aguachile, and a couple of ice-cold Corona cheladas—all included in my plan. 

Ample transportation makes it a cinch to get around

Along with rarely needing to lift a finger, guests at Vista Encantada barely have to lift a leg either, unless they want to. The intimate 36-room property has a compact and easy-to-navigate design covering just seven floors (three of which are just suites), while a seemingly endless string of golf carts provides transportation around the more expansive Hacienda Encantada side of the resort complex. Want to head down to the Cabo San Lucas marina? No problem, they've got you covered with free private shuttles for there and back between 8 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Private airport transport can also be arranged through the hotel. 


Vista Encantada also offers free Wi-Fi, though the urge to check emails, social media, or the news cycle somehow doesn't seem as important once you're here. Here, atop a cliff overlooking Cabo's famous rocky coastline, relaxation will find you, whether or not you even knew you were looking for it.