The Nautilus Maldives Has The Ultimate Plan For Guests To Put Their Gadgets Down

It is called a ‘MindCation’ and there might not be a better place to unplug anywhere in the world.

No matter where you travel or which resort you check into, there are always those people. You know who I'm talking about: scrollers. Surrounded by indescribable natural beauty, resting beneath cloudless skies, and sitting so close to the sand they're practically mermaids, and yet they cling to their phones like Wall Street brokers, as if the biggest news story of the century will break if they—GASP!—leave their devices in the room for an hour or so.


FOMO is still a big problem for many travelers, and that's why some resorts embrace the "digital detox" trend as a means to an end for the biggest distractions in our lives, forcing us to live in the moment. And there might not be a better place on this planet to practice this idea than at The Nautilus Maldives, where the "MindCation" concept is about to put some brains at ease.

Located 30 minutes from Malé by seaplane, this luxurious staple of the Baa Atoll is pulling out all the stops to not only relieve guests of stress, but also make them forget that word even exists. Among the practices that will be experienced are restorative yoga, Antar Mauna and Yoga Nidra meditation, individual reiki sessions, the Moksha Nautilus Signature full body massage, abdominal detox, and Shirodhara and Abhyanga treatments to relieve shoulder and neck tension, while also improving sleep. There's even a Healing through Aqua with Tibetan Singing Sound Bath experience that takes place in a house's private pool.

maldives nautilus beach
This resort excels at maximizing any experience, so it goes without saying the MindCation will be otherworldly. | The Nautilus Maldives

Guests can choose between the captivating Ocean and Beach Houses, with both styles boasting phenomenal amenities and perks. There are also larger, somehow even more magnificent Ocean and Beach Residences, and jaws will drop once anyone witnesses the splendor of The Nautilus Retreat and Mansion. No matter the accommodation, one thing that won't be found during the MindCation is a television, which will be replaced by an iPod and speaker playing peaceful music and meditation podcasts from Ananda in the Himalayas.

And anyone who thinks they'll be able to sneak away to check out the latest Tik Tok videos has another thing coming. At check-in, phones and tablets will be placed inside wooden lockboxes and it'll take an Ocean's Eleven heist to get them back before checkout. Instead, visitors can put their scrolling fingers to better use on traditional fishing excursions, sailing in a Maldivian Dhoni, and snorkeling throughout Hanifaru Bay.