Where Was Knives Out 2 Filmed: Quick Facts About The 'Glass Onion' Filming Location In Greece

Edward Norton’s billionaire retreat is a villa at the Greek resort Amanzoe, and it’s just as spectacular as it looks.

Netflix had fans of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery in a bit of a tizzy over the holidays after a listing for billionaire Miles Bron's private island estate appeared on Zillow. If the eye-exploding price tag of $450,000,000 didn't tip people off that this was a clever marketing ruse, the "Sponsored by Netflix" label should have; however, some people were blinded by the literal glass onion and couldn't help but dream of purchasing such a home in the Greek Isles.


Just for giggles, the retreat of the fictitious "genius," who will forever be remembered in the same breath as the Mona Lisa, was listed by Derol Zablinski, aka the guy just working through some things, and boasts of "multi-layered living in paradise." The 29,000-sq. ft. compound sits on a 26-acre lot and includes 17 bedrooms, 22 bathrooms, a state-of-the-art gym, hourly time chime voiced by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a spa, and many priceless works of art. However, some of those might be in more pieces than they were a month ago.

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Where was ‘Glass Onion’ filmed?

If this was a real listing, we'd warn potential buyers of fire damage but it's not, so no worries. What is real, however, is the movie's filming location: Amanzoe, a stunning, luxurious resort in Porto Heli, Greece. Here, guests seeking seclusion and spoils will discover some of the most amazing villas offered anywhere in the world. That includes the truly magnificent, Acropolis-inspired Villa 20, which is the perfect cover for a billionaire's murder mystery retreat.


Villa 20's Amenities

While it's not nearly as big as the Glass Onion residence—and it certainly does not feature the marvelous dome, a dock built by Banksy, or the elevated parking pedestal for "Baby Blue"—Villa 20 sleeps as many as 18 guests in nine bedrooms and offers a bevy of amenities that make this property a resort unto itself, ideal for larger family getaways for the most incredible occasions.

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Designed with the Peloponnese peninsula's immense natural beauty as inspiration and the Aegean Sea as a majestic backdrop, there's no such thing as a bad view from the villa's five pavilions. Three offer master suites and their own swimming pools, while four luxury studio bedrooms will spoil guests enough that they won't be upset about not calling dibs on the bigger rooms. There are six pools in all, including a pair of heated infinity pools on the second and sixth levels.


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Other perks, include:

  • A spa with multiple, varying treatment rooms
  • A meeting room for when business can't wait
  • Full library and games room
  • Five kitchens
  • Private beach cabana
  • Yoga platform
  • An outdoor BBQ area with one massive table, and a traditional Greek taverna set among the olive trees.

One element from the film that is most definitely real is Villa 20's beautiful gardens, although no one will have to worry about a loud voice alerting everyone else to smoke should a guest slip away for a post-dinner cigar. Just leave the snooping to Benoit Blanc.

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Other FAQs about Knives Out 2 filming locations

The first Knives Out film takes place primarily in Harlan Thrombey's Massachusetts estate, which is actually the Ames Mansion, built in the 1920s and located in Borderland State Park. (Fun fact: It was also used in the 2016 Ghostbusters film, starring Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig.) Director Rian Johnson didn't change the formula too much with Glass Onion, as it also mostly takes place in one location: Amanzoe's Villa 20.


However, there are a few other locations of note, including the Port of Dapia in Spetses, where Ethan Hawke shows up for a New York minute to give the guests their miracle cures. Another location that deserves a little more fanfare is Benoit Blanc's Manhattan apartment, where Helen Brand asks for his help. That magnificent balcony can be found at 778 Park Avenue, and the residence has been called home by Vera Wang, Mark Rockefeller, and Gary Cooper, among other celebrities. Finally, the scenes involving Andi's home and the road where Miles almost pancaked Duke were filmed in Connecticut. (We're not counting the interior stage reshoots that took place in Serbia.)

  • What resort is the Glass Onion filmed? Amanzoe's Villa 20, located in Porto Heli, Greece
  • Is the Glass Onion house real? Villa 20 is very much real, but it doesn't have the glass onion or a pier built by Banksy
  • Where are Knives Out 2 filming locations? In addition to Porto Heli, scenes are also filmed in Manhattan and Connecticut, with additional work done in Belgrade, Serbia
  • Where in Greece is Glass Onion filmed? Scenes are filmed in Porto Heli and Spetses
  • Can you visit or stay at the Knives Out 2 house? Villa 20 is very much available, although it is quite expensive
  • What island is the Glass Onion filmed on? While the movie depicts Miles Bron's getaway as a dream private island home, Amanzoe's Villa 20 is actually located on a peninsula in Porto Heli