'Ticket To Paradise' Is Set In Bali—But Here's Where It Was Actually Filmed

The new romantic comedy, starring Julia Roberts and George Clooney, is full of stunning tropical island scenery and splashy comic antics.

The new romantic comedy that reunites stars Julia Roberts and George Clooney, Ticket to Paradise is set on the Indonesian island of Bali, but here's a fun nugget of movie trivia: It wasn't actually filmed there. What tropical paradise was chosen to fill in? That would be Moreton, an island in the Australian territory of Queensland that's located just a ferry ride away from Brisbane. And assorted other locales along the Gold Coast and in the Whitsundays were also involved. 

Moreton, which is fringed with protected beaches and washed by aqua-hued waters, served as one of the outdoor film sets where beach scenes from the movie, which features Roberts and Clooney as a divorced couple who travel together to Bali to try to stop their daughter from marrying a man she just met, were filmed in December 2021. The island is home to Tangalooma Island Resort, which boasts a range of accommodation types from hotel rooms to beachfront villas and was the setting for the dolphins swimming scene and other coastal segments.

Hamilton Island
The cast and crew had to hop from Moreton to Hamilton Island to film the hotel lobby scenes. | Qualia

However, interior shots (Roberts' and Clooney's hotel rooms, for example) were a stage set at Gold Coast Studios, while the Long Pavilion at Qualia resort on Hamilton Island served as the fictional resort's lobby and bar. An incredible Tangalooma sunset does have a major cameo toward the end of the movie.

"Only a 75-minute ferry ride from Brisbane, we often position ourselves as a 'conveniently remote tropical paradise,' with our seasonal temperatures, blue waters, tropical palms and relaxed island vibe perfectly fitting the Bali description," said Bernie O'Keefe, Tangalooma's Director of Marketing.

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Other filming locations around Queensland included the Gold Coast's outdoor Carrara Markets, Hamilton Island's Catseye Beach, North Burleigh Beach and Palm Bay Resort in the Whitsundays. To follow in the steps of the cast and crew, check out this guide by Tourism Queensland.