Oahu's Wai Kai Will Revolutionize The Hawaiian Surf Experience

Visitors can ride the world’s largest man-made wave at this theme park that opens in early 2023.

Hawaii is the birthplace of modern surfing so it should come as no surprise that it will soon be home to a first-of-its-kind surf-themed entertainment destination. Wai Kai, set to open in Oahu in February 2023, will feature the world's largest deep-water standing surf wave. If you're new to surfing or hoping to improve your skills, the resort will also include a section with adjustable waves ranging from two- to six-feet, perfect for learning the sport. 


Wai Kai will be located at the Hoakalei Resort in West Oahu, just 35 minutes from Honolulu on the stunning turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. If you're into less adrenaline-fueled water sports, the park overlooks the Wai Kai Lagoon, a protected area that's perfect for stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, and peddle boats. Aquabanas and sun loungers line the lagoon for spectators to relax and watch the action. Fire pits add warmth and ambience for the nighttime events.

The resort's wave attraction was created in partnership with Oahu native Shane Beschen, an X Games Gold Medalist and former world-ranked surfer. Powered by Citywave, the technology creates authentic surfing conditions for those who want to try their hand, or foot, at the sport. The 100-foot-wide adjustable wave can accommodate up to three surfers at a time while a barefoot zone offers space for even more. 


Wai Kai will also be a dining destination. The Plaza Grill and the Boardwalk Cafe are the park's dual-concept restaurant led by Michelin awarded Chef Todd Humphries of Kitchen Door Napa. Both restaurants will feature locally inspired favorites. The LookOut Bar and Restaurant offers views of the surfing action and the Wai Kai Lagoon with a menu that celebrates the traditional foods of Oahu.

The park will host special events and competitions for surfers and water sports enthusiasts at venues that include a 61,200-sq. ft. event lawn, a 12,600-sq. ft. surfside lawn at the Wai Kai Wave, and a variety of other function spaces.