Popular Galapagos Properties Team Up To Introduce Epic Weeklong Adventures

Glamping and island hopping allow every guest a chance to explore the incredible diversity of this archipelago.

Two of the Galapagos' most celebrated properties have partnered to offer a one-week adventure for guests looking for a unique adventure. The adventure begins in Ecuador's capital city, Quito, with a night in a luxury Renaissance-inspired mansion, followed by experiences at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel on Santa Cruz Island and the Scalesia Galapagos Lodge on Isabela Island. 

After a night exploring the Old City, guests will then travel by air to Isabela Island into the highland forests that surround 16 contemporary safari-style tents at Scalesia Galapagos Lodge. This is glamping at its best with modern facilities and king-size beds. The lodge features a large glass entry with inviting restaurant and lounge areas. Island activities include snorkeling with sea turtles and encounters with other marine wildlife, hiking the active volcanoes, visiting the Charles Darwin Research Station and tortoise breeding facility, and a day trip aboard the Sea Lion yacht. 

Guests can also observe white tip reef sharks and penguins at the islet Tontoreras and spot the magenta-hued flamingos in the mangroves along the beaches of Los Humedales. One of the island's best snorkeling destinations is Los Tuneles where lava flows have created unique underwater arches and tunnels.

Guests will explore and island hop in a variety of ways, from kayaking excursions to yacht tours. | Scalesia Galapagos Lodge

The weeklong adventure continues with a trip to Santa Cruz Island, the most populated island in the Galápagos. The island offers an adventurous contrast with massive volcanoes and pristine sandy white beaches. Guests will stay at the Finch Bay Galapagos Hotel, located on a tranquil beach overlooking Punta Estrada. 

Bird enthusiasts can visit Divine Bay where hundreds of herons cross the bay daily, while noddy terns and blue-footed boobies perch along the cliffs. A drive up into the rugged highland forests to the twin volcanic craters Los Gemelos is an added bonus, as the region is home to many species of Darwin's finches. Along the coast, guests can snorkel the calm waters of the cove to see the region's abundant sea life including sea turtles, hundreds of reef fish species, and young reef sharks and rays.

This itinerary is perfect for adventurers who want to explore the unique terrain and eco-systems of the Galapagos.