Saba Arawak Hotel Brings An Affordable Option To The 'The Unspoiled Queen'

Plus, new airlifts and seasonal ferry service make it easier than ever to escape to this special island.

If you're looking for a different kind of Caribbean, the tiny island of Saba—a 13-minute flight or 90-minute ferry ride from St. Maarten—always fits the bill. The five-square-mile island that belongs to the Netherlands has long lured intrepid Caribbean travelers looking for supremely mellow surrounds, great snorkeling, and a unique far-from-the-masses vibe. 

And while hotels hardly open every day on this speck on the map, Saba Arawak Hotel, named after the Arawak Indians that migrated here in the 8th century, began welcoming guests to Saba in May, and it immediately became the island's largest hotel. 

Just seven minutes from the airport in the island's south-central reaches, the property spreads across a hillside and boasts four buildings, with 27 suites (including three large one-bedroom suites) all with private balconies and fully equipped kitchenettes. 

Saba Arawak Hotel
The hotel's pool suites offer an especially pleasant setting, with a quiet atmosphere and fantastic views. | Saba Arawak Hotel

An outdoor swimming pool, onsite restaurant featuring Asian and Caribbean cuisine, and views of the sparkling Caribbean in the distance are also compris. And the best part? Rates here start at an affordable $129 per night. So, why not settle in and stay a while?

Arriving here is easy breezy, too, thanks to twice-daily flights Winair just launched on June 1, in addition to recently resumed Sunday ferry services from The Edge high-speed ferry, which makes three roundtrips weekly between St. Maarten and Saba (including on Wednesdays and Thursdays). 

If Saba is calling, now's the best time to go ahead and answer.