Three Reasons To Visit Oahu's Turtle Bay Resort This Fall

The only resort on the North Shore is celebrating 50 years with a reimagination and some creative guest experiences.

It's not every year that the only resort on Oahu's North Shore turns 50 because, well, Turtle Bay is the only resort on the North Shore. Naturally, such a milestone has been an immense source of pride throughout 2022, as the property has first and foremost been showing off the results of a massive transformation that will undoubtedly make this a favorite choice of Hawaiian travelers for another 50 years. 

Known for its immensely beautiful surroundings, Turtle Bay Resort is bringing the natural elements inside, as designer Dianna Wong's décor is a combination of indigenous materials and nostalgic tribute, with furniture and accessories developed by local artisans and guest rooms adorned with custom wallpaper influenced by iconic Hawaiian shirts. From the magnificent ocean bungalows to the meeting and event spaces, the North Shore vibe flows throughout the entire property, and guests will find this is only the first aspect of an epic vacation.

The second reason visitors will fall in love with Turtle Bay—for the first time or all over again—is the incredible list of culturally immersive activities that will inspire families and groups to not only learn more about the island but explore it as well. Guests can head to the resort's on-site Kuilima Farm for a flavorful tour or face off in a rum mixology competition, but our recommendation would be the Taste of the North Shore Food Truck Experience, as Hawaii has long been celebrated for this creative source of authentic cuisine, and no trip is complete without at least one visit to Da Bald Guy.

Rocky Canon
Rocky Canon and his surfing pups will provide an unforgettable experience for guests. | Turtle Bay Resort

But if there's one thing that everyone should want to try when visiting the North Shore, it's surfing. Experience doesn't matter, because this is a true once in a lifetime opportunity, and Turtle Bay offers the chance to learn from a pro. The Jamie O'Brien Surf Experience is a personalized educational session that can introduce the sport to young guests and inspire them to pursue a lifetime of thrills, or at the very least it can make people who never dreamed of even standing up on a board feel like they've conquered the world (or their fears). And the cherry on top is the GoPro footage to prove to friends and family back home that they accomplished the impossible.

The surfing doesn't stop there, however, as resident surf expert Rocky Canon also offers a more unusual experience. As the name suggests, guests can "Surf with a Pup" by hitting the waves with one of Rocky's talented dogs at their feet. There's also stand-up paddle boarding for a more casual adventure, but visitors shouldn't worry—these pups are pros.