Just When We Thought Ambergris Cay Couldn't Be Any Better, Along Comes The 'Dream Pavilion'

The phenomenal private island resort in Turks and Caicos now offers a six-bedroom villa that will exceed all expectations.

Ambergris Cay is the kind of place that you can visit once, and it never leaves your mind. Years later, you'll still be thinking about that special cocktail the bartender created just for you, or how amazing the water felt when you were relaxing in the pool of your beachfront suite, as if you were the only person on the island. Even getting there can make the humblest traveler feel like a monarch, what with the island hopper flight from Provo included in the rates.

When I visited Ambergris Cay three years ago, I left thinking there was no way the experience could be any better. The accommodations were insanely nice, the food was creative and delicious, and the views were nothing short of breathtaking. But that's what sets great properties apart from their peers—they're constantly proving us wrong and raising the bar.

That's exactly what Ambergris Cay has done with the Dream Pavilion, which is a phenomenal new addition to Turks and Caicos, let alone the private island on which it sits.

Families will cherish every moment spent in the Dream Pavilion's majestic courtyard. | Ambergris Cay

The largest offering here, the Dream boast six bedrooms, sprawling terraces, and two pools, among a bevy of other spoils, and it is all enough to make any family feel like otherworldly royalty. For example, one of the things that instantly caught my attention in the other villas on Ambergris Cay was the ceiling height, which might sound weird, but it makes an already expansive space feel like a kingdom. That's the case in this villa, too, but that's barely scratching the surface.

villa pool
On an island that offers spectacular views from every angle, this villa might boast the best of them. | Ambergris Cay

The premium, secluded lot allows guests to enjoy unobstructed views of the amazing Turks and Caicos sunsets, and guests will undoubtedly love doing so from the rooftop terrace or either of the two fire pits. Inside, rock gardens pay tribute to the island's natural beauty while offering a sense of peace that flows to the courtyard and beyond.

private beach
A private beach is the ultimate cherry on top. | Ambergris Cay

Ultimately, this is the type of villa that a family will want to book for at least a week—imagine the weddings or reunions that could be hosted on Ambergris Cay as a whole. Back in the Dream villa, though, even when visitors need a break from the pool, private beach, and excursions, they can kick back to watch the game of the day and appreciate the spoils of their own sports bar.

You know, before everyone heads back down to that private beach again.