The Best Place To Enjoy World Cup Action Is Vakkaru Maldives

Soccer fans and well-behaved hooligans can cheer on their favorite teams from this luxurious slice of paradise.

With action already underway for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, it's safe to assume that the most loyal soccer/football fans around the world know exactly where they'll be when it's time for their teams to play. Obviously, the first choice would be in a stadium, but for some the local pub's best stool is calling, while others have that Homer Simpson-esque divot in the couch. However, one spectacular resort has a pretty great reason to change those plans and book a flight faster than you can say, "Sotiris Papagiannopoulos."


Vakkaru Maldives is kicking off a phenomenal series of World Cup events, beginning with this evening's match between the "Vakkaru Champions" and confident guests. While you might miss out on that action, there's still an impressive daily slate of activities that will last through the Grand Final, which is set to take place on Sunday, December 18. And travelers who aren't as agile and athletic shouldn't worry, more casual games and even lessons for teens and children will be available as well.

For example, there will be a foosball tournament for guests who prefer to use their hands, and there are even human foosball contests on Splash Beach in the coming weeks. But as the global picture becomes clearer, the action will heat up on this special island, and guests will form teams and face off, drawing inspiration from the best international players, no doubt. And all the while, everyone will enjoy a trip of delicious specialty cocktails: the Kick-Off, Hat Trick, and Golden Goal.

vakkaru residence
This overwater mansion will forever change the way guests travel. | Vakkaru Maldives

Typically known as one of the most romantic private island resorts in the world, Vakkaru Maldives will also be very familiar to daydreaming Instagram scrollers as the home of the Vakkaru Over Water Residence, aka one of the coolest bungalow concepts ever imagined. It's an ideal vacation accommodation for small groups of friends or larger families, as it sleeps up to eight and boasts a private beachfront pool, as well as stairs that descend into the beautiful water below. 

It's especially idea after a long day of cleaning clocks in games of beach soccer played on impossibly white sand.