Review: The Kahuna Big Stick

Kahuna Big Stick
ISL0612_REV2Photographer: Jon Whittle

Fifty miles and a tank of $4-a-gallon gas stand between me and the closest beach. For most, this would mean surfing less. For me and my Kahuna Big Stick, it means surfing the longest waves I’ve ever ridden. Land paddling by Kahuna Creations is basically a skateboard version of paddle boarding, a booming water sport. On the Kahuna longboard, you paddle with its patented “Big Stick” to propel yourself along your favorite concrete break. The paddle adjusts to fit anyone, and the workout rivals its wetter cousin. Paddle to work, paddle to lunch — endless waves of pavement and hours of fun lie at the end of your driveway. Paddle, $90; longboard, $189.

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Paddle: Kahuna Creations Pohaku Adjustable Big Stick (4-Feet 6-Inch/6-Feet), $89.50

Skateboard: Kahuna Creations Haka Cruiser Longboard, $168.00