Review: Vinni Bag

Vinni Bag

Between strict TSA liquid carry-on restrictions and overzealous gate agents forcing me to check heavy camera bags, I've done it all. I've wrapped souvenir bottles of Bacardi in my wetsuit, and I've packed telephoto lenses in "crush-proof" camera cases. The results have been smelly and expensive. I was skeptical of the VinniBag, a clear, air-cushioned tube that is claimed to protect fragile items from the rigors of baggage handling. I put it to the test recently, carrying a 70-400 mm Nikon lens on assignment to the U.K. The lens arrived unscathed. Sadly, I had only one VinniBag, so on the flight home, I wrapped the lens in dirty laundry and used the VinniBag to protect a bottle of whisky. You have to have priorities. From $25.