REVIEWS: ExOfficio GeoTrek'r

Men's GeoTrek'r Shirt

Airline baggage fees seem to go up every day, so I have to choose carefully what items get to travel the world with me. After sweat-testing the ExOfficio GeoTrek'r long-sleeve shirt, I've awarded it a season pass to accompany me on all photoassignments. To balance the weight of a tripod (and all of my hair products), I need clothes that weigh very little and are able to take abuse. This shirt answers both calls. Made of lightweight, vented nylon, it kept me rather temperate for an entire day in the Caribbean, and the long sleeves helped keep the sun away from my arms out on the water. It's also wrinkleproof, but my coworkers who see me in the office between trips understand I'm not too concerned with that. $70,