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Saba: A Place of Natural Beauty and Tranquility

July 25, 2016
The Island of Saba
The Island of Saba Saba Tourist Bureau

One of the most distinctive and beautiful places on earth, the five square-mile island of Saba, the smallest in the Dutch Caribbean, soars 5,000 feet from the sea floor of which 3,000 feet are above water. Known as The Unspoiled Queen, the lush tropical landscape is punctuated by extraordinary views of the surrounding sea from every vantage point. The island’s natural beauty is enhanced by the unique architecture, with clusters of cottages all designed in variations of the Saban vernacular: white wash or stone exteriors, red zinc roofs, charming Caribbean gingerbread trim and green shutters. Visitors can stay in one of these charming cottages, some have been luxuriously renovated, or choose an intimate boutique hotel, guesthouse or eco-lodge.

Saba Queen's Gardens
Saba Queen’s Gardens Saba Tourist Bureau

Saba is low key, but never boring, and a true paradise for nature lovers. Today, the old stone “roads” established by early settlers are the perfect way to explore the island’s rain forest and mountainsides filled with lush, and often rare, tropical foliage. Considered one of the top dive spots in the world, the views below sea level are equally spectacular. Conservation and preservation are very much part of the island’s ethos and this is evident in the magnificent Marine Park, one of the most prolific underwater spawning grounds for brilliantly colored fish, lobster, turtles, corals and more.

Wells Bay, Saba
Wells Bay, Saba Saba Tourist Bureau

And while Saba has so much to offer, visitors can also do absolutely nothing. Saba is a perfect place for those seeking spiritual beauty, inspiration and relaxation. It’s off the grid, yet civilized. There is a gorgeous simplicity to this remarkable island that is as satisfying as any adventure. Life here is gentle, peaceful, friendly and safe, a place of authentic Old World Caribbean charm and unspoiled natural beauty.

Saba Mountain Scenery
Saba Mountain Scenery Saba Tourist Bureau

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