Saba What is known for



The names alone give you a clue: Third Encounter, Twilight Zone, and Outer Limits. Perhaps the most famous of the nearly 30 moored diving sites in the marine park, this trio of seamounts and pinnacles off the west coast offers an otherworldly opportunity to swim with sharks, manta rays, even humpback whales at a depth of about 90 to 120 feet. The most spectacular? Swim out toward the blue abyss from Third Encounter to Eye of the Needle, a coral-adorned pinnacle rising dramatically more than 200 feet toward the surface.


Plan some Stair-Stepper workouts before you leave home. In Windwardside, start early for the hike up Mount Scenery (nice name, eh?), which climbs (count them), 1,064 concrete and stone steps through a cloud forest. Trailside signs identify the plant life (ferns, palms, orchids, and begonias). At the 2,855-foot summit, count your blessings if clouds don't obscure the view of the surrounding islands of St. Eustatius, St. Martin, St. Kitts, St. Barths, and Nevis.


You may suffer from mall withdrawal, but shopping on Saba does have its moments. To get in the proper spirit, start with a taste of Saba Spice, a sweet, rum-and-spice liquor brewed in many local kitchens. Then head for the village shops, where you'll find samplings of the island's exquisite lace, from small napkins to full tablecloths (the community center in Hell's Gate has the widest selection on weekends), and artwork (especially watercolors).