Scuba Diving Gear For Warm-Water Divers

Heading to warmer water? Changes in latitudes also means changes in your scuba diving gear. Here are some suggestions from our Gear Editor to help you get the most out of your dive trip to paradise. Want our latest gear reviews? Check out the Gear section of our website.

seac vortex dry snorkel
The Seac Vortex Dry snorkel can help you make the most out of your no-fly day before coming home from a tropical dive trip. | Jon Whittle

One of the joys of a tropical scuba diving vacation is the chance for some terrific snorkeling — especially on that no-fly day before you head home. The Seac Vortex Dry has a top valve that seals instantly when you submerge to block water from entering the tube. The lower section of the tube is made of flexible corrugated silicone, so it drops out of the way when not being used. The mouthpiece is made of super-soft liquid silicone, so it stays comfortable in your mouth for long snorkeling sessions. It's available in seven clear-tube options or seven black-tube options. $29

Cressi Ultralight BC scuba gear for travelers
The Cressi Ultralight BC is a traveling scuba diver's dream come true. | Jon Whittle

Weighing just 5 pounds and with a flexible back plate that lets you roll it up, the Cressi Ultralight BC is a traveler's dream. But it's even better in the water, where the cushy back pad and padded, curved shoulder straps keep BC and tank stable and comfortably in place. The integrated weights are easy to load and quick to ditch. The rear-inflation air cell has 34 pounds of lift (size large) and is shaped to provide maximum range of motion. There's a drop-down cargo pocket, right-shoulder exhaust, adjustable sternum strap, and an ergonomic inflator with big, round buttons that are easy on the fingers. $419.95

IST Sports DS20 Dive Skin warm water wetsuit
The DS20 dive skin from IST Sports will provide you with plenty of protection from stinging sea creatures and the tropical sun while scuba diving. | Zach Stovall

The cold's not the only thing you might need protection from while scuba diving in tropical water. Sea critters — even ones too small to see — can irritate or sting, and that blazing tropical sun can be brutal on your skin at the end of a long day on the boat. This IST Sports dive skin is made of high-stretch spandex sewn with flat-lock stitches for a comfortably snug fit that won't bind or sag when it's wet. The material provides protection from the sun's UV rays and stings from jellyfish and fire coral. The stand-up collar helps protect your neck, and foot stirrups and thumb loops keep the sleeves and legs in place. A front zipper makes it a snap to get into without help. $60

Ultralight Control Systems T-Handle Eco-Stick camera mount accessory
Use the Ultralight Control Systems Eco-Stick to steady your underwater camera or even slide it into the sand for hands-free shots. | Jon Whittle

Keeping your underwater camera still enough for good shots is a challenge, but the Eco-Stick from Ultralight Control Systems makes things a bit easier. To capture wide-angle video action, mount your GoPro, SeaLife Micro 2.0 or other mini cam to the handle, and slide it into the sand for hands-free shots. Or use the Eco-Stick to steady your camera for video or stills as you dive. The aluminum T-handle has a threaded hole that accepts a wide range of mounts, including Ultralight's BA-HB mounting ball for maximum flexibility. $22.50;

Sherwood Scuba Elite Full Foot Fin
Warm-water scuba diving gives you the chance to leave your dive boots at home and opt for a barefoot fin, like the Sherwood Scuba Elite Full Foot. | Jon Whittle

Among the reasons to love tropical scuba diving (especially when the water's frigid back home) is the chance to dispense with your dive boots. The Sherwood Scuba Elite Full Foot has a soft thermoplastic rubber foot pocket for firm support and barefoot comfort, even at the end of a day of diving. The Elite's dual-composite vented blade has a large central flex panel and reinforcing side rails that run the full length of the blade. The design provides power and acceleration without leg stress, and keeps the Elite tracking straight through the water, whether you're cruising along easily or kicking hard in a current. It's available in five sizes from XS to XL. $81

Stahlsac Steel 34 Roller Bag
The rugged and roomy Stahlsac Steel 34 roller bag has room for all of your scuba diving gear and more. | Zach Stovall

Step one in your tropical holiday is getting all your stuff to paradise in one piece, and that's where the roomy, rugged Stahlsac Steel 34 comes in. With 148 liters of capacity (34-by-17-by-12 inches) and built to airline size and weight requirements, it can swallow your whole scuba diving kit, and still take your clothes and personal items. It has a sealed waterproof compartment on the bottom for getting home items that are still wet, and a top compartment of breathable fabric where damp items can dry. Made for years of use, it has heavy-duty wheels and frame components that are replaceable, and abrasion-resistant reinforcements at all stress points. $359.95

Camaro Voltage Shorty warm-water scuba wetsuit
Even while diving in the tropics, there are times when the water is a little too cool for comfort. Stay warm in style with a Camaro Voltage Shorty. | Zach Stovall

Even in the tropics, there are times when the water is just a little too cool for comfort. Made with stretchy 3 mm neoprene, the Camaro Voltage Shorty keeps your body core warm without adding excessive buoyancy or limiting range of motion. It has flat-lock seams so it lies flat on your skin, increasing comfort and insulating quality, and preventing chafing. The diagonal front zipper with Velcro fastener makes it easy to get on and off without any help, and the extra-wide zipper flap and adjustable double collar increase comfort while limiting water entry to retain body warmth. The Voltage Shorty is available in a wide range of men's and women's sizes (in fuchsia and dark-blue accents). $89.95;

Oceanic OceanVu Dive Mask
If you're going for the sights, you want the best view possible. The Oceanic OceanVu mask has a wide field of view so you don't miss a second of underwater action.Z | Zach Stovall

If you're going for the sights, you want the best view possible, and that means a dive mask with a wide field of view. With large, dual ultraclear optical glass lenses, the Oceanic OceanVu provides unobstructed sight lines in all directions for an all-of-the-ocean view. The SureFit buckle system applies tension evenly to the soft silicone skirt for a leak-free seal that's comfortable enough for hours of diving. The mask's low-volume design makes for easy clearing and equalizing. The OceanVu is available with clear or black skirt and in several color accents. $99.95