Scuba Diving Gear Picks For Shore Diving

Whether you shore dive close to home or venture to more remote scuba spots like Bonaire, Bali or Hawaii, you'll love gear that's makes getting in and out of the water a walk in the park. Check out our Editor's Picks for shore-diving gear below. Want our latest gear reviews? Visit the Travel Gear section of our website.

Atomic Aquatics X1 Bladefin
Atomic Aquatics X1 Bladefin | Jon Whittle

Firm side rails and a shorter, stiffer blade deliver quick power and performance, even in alternate kick styles. The buckles snap off easily for quick doffing.

Akona Seco Boots
Akona Seco Boots | Zach Stovall

The Seco's sole has tiny holes that let water drain to eliminate sloshy feet when you exit the surf. They're rugged enough to protect you from sharp rocks, and are available in 3 mm and 6.5 mm.

Dive Rite Titanium Shears
Dive Rite Titanium Shears | Chelsea Pomales

These titanium-coated shears make short, safe work of tough cuts, and the soft sheath stows them securely with multiple mounting options.

Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro
Cressi Aquaride Blue Pro | Jon Whittle

The Aquaride's roomy pockets stow gear out of surf's way, and the wraparound air cell offers support for rough water. The weight-pocket handles stay secure and out of the way for swims onto the beach.

Scubapro Dry Bag 50L
Scubapro Dry Bag 50L | Jon Whittle

Heavy-duty tarpaulin material with taped seams keeps this bag dry. It has pockets for small stuff and handles that double as backpack straps. Also available in a 120- and new 25-liter size.

Oceanic VTX
Oceanic VTX | Jon Whittle

The full-color display has adjustable intensity and auto-dim for easy reading on the surface or down deep. There's hoseless air integration for up to four gas mixes.

Camaro Titanium 5 Overall
Camaro Titanium 5 Overall | Michelle Makmann

The smooth, seamless, titanium open-cell lining dries on a surface interval, and the diagonal front zip is easy to reach (pictured opposite).