Shop Your Lifestyle With David Virtue Jewelry Collections

"Inspiration for my designs comes from living near the mountains and by the sea in New England, as well as from my travels worldwide." –David Virtue, jewelry designer

Maine is a state renowned for its beauty and rich tradition in the arts. For more than 40 years jewelry designer David Virtue has been designing his jewelry creations on the southern coast of Maine, drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of his surroundings. An avid sailor, David has a U.S. Coast Guard Captain's license and has sailed down to the Bahamas from Maine, throughout the Caribbean, Greece, & Spain. David Virtue jewelry reflects the designer's intrepid lifestyle.


Themes in Nature Collection range from soaring mountain peaks to desert mesa. The sun radiates over sailboats in the Nautical Collection. Palm trees sway on tropical islands in his popular Tropical Collection, the latest additions to which include the "SWAYING PALMS WARM SANDS OCEAN WAVE PENDANT" (add a diamond to represent the shining sun) and the "NIGHT PALMS PENDANT" featuring a tropical island motif beneath stars and a crescent moon.

David Virtue jewelry—whether it is a ring, bracelet, pendant or earrings—appeals to a wide range of ages and interests. Rings are sized for both men and women and are popular wedding bands, as well as for everyday wear. Many David Virtue ring bands taper towards the back providing maximum comfort for all occasions and lifestyles. David Virtue jewelry goes with travelers and explorers on their journey wherever and whenever that may be.


For many years David Virtue has been using 100% non-mined, reclaimed and recycled gold and platinum. Shoppers on can choose from 14k yellow, white or red gold, as well as 18k yellow gold and platinum. Several of his styles have 2-color metal options, and most of his rings can be set with a small diamond. Furthermore, David Virtue sources only conflict-free diamonds for use in his jewelry.

Explore David Virtue's custom styles on his website and own a piece of jewelry that truly expresses your lifestyle and reflects your passions.