Fun Items for Throwing an Island-themed Party

Unable to make it to an exotic tropical destination? No problem, bring the islands to you.

Planning, packing and taking hours-long flights to tropical destinations can be time-consuming and not always feasible. But what if you still want to enjoy a cold beverage with a tropical aesthetic? With these items, you can turn your backyard, pool or any venue into a tropical destination.

Decorate your drinks with umbrella straws. Or add a hula skirt to your table, with leaf-shaped plates filled to the brim with snacks. Looking to turn your venue into a beach? Post up inflatable, 66-inch palm trees around the perimeter. Here's how to make your islands-themed party as authentic as possible.

Keg Cooler

Powerblanket Ice Keg Cooler

But how will you know when it floats?Amazon

Long gone are the days of lugging bags of ice to and from the car, only to have to dump them into a bucket and wait for your keg of Kona Longboard Island Lager to properly chill. The Powerblanket Ice Keg Cooler is the mother of all ice packs, as it keeps your keg below 50 degrees F for up to 12 hours. Having an all-weekend affair? Keep extra ice packs in the freezer to swap them out, and never miss a frosty brew.

inflatable cooler

Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler

Turn your backyard into a beach… with grass.Amazon

This 28-inch-tall (71 cm) inflatable cooler is made of high-quality PVC and can hold an abundance of ice and a bevy of bottled and/or canned drinks. It's perfect for a backyard islands-themed party, providing both aesthetic and convenience.

Inflatable Serving Bar

Tifeson Aloha Inflatable Serving Bar

Perfect for a quick tabletop bar and/or a great way to cool off after the guests leave.Amazon

One of the downsides to ordinary coolers at a party is guests sitting on them. Eliminate the awkwardness of having to ask a stranger to move so you can grab a fresh drink by setting up a folding table, blowing up this inflatable buffet and filling it with ice, drinks and snacks. You can even throw it in the pool for your own floating bar, and it has a simple release valve for emptying the water when the party is over.

Table Skirt

Hawaiian Luau Grass Table Skirt

Say “aloha” to these must-have luau table skirts for any Hawaiian-themed event.Amazon

Make the most of your island-themed party by adding this standout, grass table-skirt decoration made to help get you as close to a real luau as possible. At 9 feet long, this decoration is perfect for an extended food table or for wrapping around smaller ones.

These table skirts don’t only look good; their setup is also extremely simple. Luau Essentials provides an easy-to-use adhesive that seamlessly hide behind a line of artificial hibiscus flowers. Included in your purchase are 12 detached, individual hibiscus flowers for more decorating.

umbrella straws

Mseeur Multicolored Hawaiian Umbrella Drinking Cocktail Straws

Is it really an island-themed party if you don’t have umbrella straws? No.Amazon

No island-themed festivity is complete without umbrella straws. Fortunately, Mseeur provides packs of 100 bendable straws that come in a random variety of colors. Use them all for one big summer bash, or keep them on your bar cart for when the feeling to host another party hits you.

Hawaiian leis
The ultimate Hawaiian decoration.Amazon

Despite their affiliation with Hawaiian culture, leis seem to appear at almost every island-themed event.

Each of the 40 different-colored leis are made of polyester cloth and, with a variety of colors, you’re sure to find one to match your outfit. Their respective circumferences are approximately 40 inches long (100 cm), so these are suitable for both adults and for children.

Hawaiian style snack trays

Palm Leaf Hawaii Style Food Reusable Snack Tray

Why eat on plates when you can eat on [plates that look like] leaves?Amazon

Food is an undeniably significant factor for almost every party. So, for your next island-themed event, consider using these leaf look-alike trays. In addition to being suitable for snacks, these durable, plastic trays can also hold lunch and dinner entrees. They measure out at about 12 inches long, 7 inches wide and about 1.5 inches deep. Each order comes with 12.

Pineapple paper centerpiece

Willbond 12 Pack Pineapple Honeycomb Centerpieces Tissue Paper Pineapple

Pineapples are, like, the second-most popular island fruit behind coconuts, right?Amazon

Spruce up your tropical-island event with these hanging artificial pineapples. Each purchase comes with 12 tissue-paper pineapples, measuring at about 8 inches (20 cm) in length. You can also purchase packs of 16 and 18.

inflatable trees and flamingos

Inflatable Palm Trees and Pink Flamingos

If you can’t go to the palm trees, bring the palm trees to you.Amazon

Palm trees are one of the most recognizable features when it comes to an island vacation. So, what better way to feel like you’re on an island vacation than by having these 66-inch, inflatable palm trees?

Yard pong

Giant Yard Pong

Please pong responsibly.Amazon

You’re going to need yard games. Probably several options, and maybe even enough for your own backyard Olympics. You can never go wrong with a giant Jenga tower or large wooden Yahtzee dice, but if your table is covered by an inflatable bar, where will you play beer pong? How about all over your yard?

This giant yard pong set, while not necessarily island-themed, is fun for all ages and easier to set up and pack away than cornhole.