Sneak Peek: Sea Lion Island

Sea Lion Island

A sea lion yawning on Sea Lion Island

Sea Lion Island, a Wildlife Sanctuary, is considered the 'jewel of the archipelago' of the Falklands. The Southern Elephant Seal, the largest pinniped in the world, can grow to 15 feet long and can stay submerged for more than two hours. Elephant Seals can dive to depths of almost 5000 feet of water. Jon Whittle

I am wet, I am cold, and an endangered bird of prey just tried to kill my friend. Believe it or not, this is one of the best days of my life.

There is simply no good way to describe Sea Lion Island, the wildlife sanctuary considered to be the 'jewel of the Falklands archipelago'. Every corner I turn brings me face to face with a scene that prior to this moment I had only seen on a Discovery Channel documentary. Want to see Elephant seals fighting? Sure-just go right over there. You say you'd like to plop down in the middle of 9000 Gentoo Penguins and have them wander up and sit literally right beside you? Just go out the back door of the lodge.

Honestly, there aren’t enough memory cards in the world to contain every photo that my trigger finger wants to create. If the in-your-face wildlife isn’t enough to whet that creative appetite how about dramatic cliffs and crashing waves, windswept plains or beautiful sheltered coves?

Here's a sneak peek at some shots I grabbed while on the island. Look for my full photo essay in an upcoming issue of ISLANDS Magazine.

Photo by: Jon Whittle

Photo by: Jon Whittle